British male supermodel David Gandy, dubbed as GQ’s Most Influential Man in Britain, Cosmpolitan’s Sexiest Man of 2013 and Spanish Glamour’s Most Beautiful and the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue Fragrance and Johnn Walker Label is also now the face of SM Men’s Fashion.

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As his launch in the country, he walked the SM Men’s Fashion Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 runway and had a time with some members of the press including bloggers yesterday, and yes I was one of the lucky one’s to see this blue-eyed Goliath of the international fashion scene who incidentally was the only male model who walked the ramp a the closing ceremony of the 2013 London Olympics.

David Gandy for SM Men's Fashion

Gandy is also known as the highest paid male model in the world so Gandy’s partnership with SM Men’s Fashion is a testament of the brand’s global thrust. It is an indicative also of Gandy and SM Men’s coincidental pursuit of going beyond the local scene.

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I was finally able to see the man of the hour and his famous blue-eyes face-to-face ! Albeit the presscon a bit stiff seeing him there was way much better than just a few glimpse of him at the runway.

David Gandy for SM Men's fashion

When asked what was his 3 essential fashion pieces he said: a nice pair of suit, good shoes and a nice T-shirt!

Honestly, that was all I was able to understand aside from yes he still wears briefs and will still wear it if needed for a show or a shoot. He used to be a CK underwear model too. But I guess at 33 and his status in the male modeling industry he is way up there already and would rather focus on his business empire he built.

David Gandy peesscon

David Gandy in Manila

Btw, SM Men’s Fashion Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 stage and runway was impressive. Imagine a live orchestra at the center, amazing lazer light show on the side, led lights billboard and bubbles. Amazing!

impressive setup #runway #stage for #smmensfashion superbonggang lightsshow bubbles and live orchestra @SMmensfashion #phfw #GandyforSMmen

Of course my favorite Brazilian Japanese male models still never fail to make my heart skip a beat each time I see them. Daniel Matsunaga, Hideo Muroaka, and Fabio Ide will always be my favorite no matter which international male models come. Altough they are not Filipino I believe they are Filipino by heart with their warm smile and sweetness with their fans, they are very Pinoy. Agree?

Hello mga pogi mas love ko parin kayo  kaysa kay David Gandy @fabio_ide @dmatsunaga @dandanmatsunaga @hideomuroaka :) #SMmen

And oh, I discovered another Brapanese model again, friends with Daniel, Fabio and Hideo I think, kaya gwapo haha! Actually I think he look so much like Hugh Jackman my Wolverine that’s why my eyes was so glued to him! His name is Swell Damas according to his reply on my Instagram. Sweet! Mega kilig hahaha. Hope to see you more often too!

Hey you Hugh Jackman lookalike, what's your name?  Can you tell me @fabio_ide @dmatsunaga Thank you!

The collection SM Men’s showcased at the show included checkered polos, long sleeves shirts, denims that had Rorschach makeover, white and nautical looks. Honestly, I seriously wasn’t paying much attention to the clothes I was male shopping! Haha!

If you want to know more about the SM Men’s new collection you may visit SMMensFashion on Facebook or follow @sm_mensfashion on Twitter and Instagram.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Author

    hahaha I know right it’s raining men kasi hahaha di makafocus sa clothes hahaha fashion show pala un di cosmo bachelor bash hahaha

  2. Hi Earth, if you did not mention the checkered polo, long sleeve shirts and denims, I would not notice that this is a fashion, I was also focusing on their eyes and jawline šŸ™‚ hahaha I also agree that Swell Damas do look like wolverine hmmm….

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