An Architectural and Sacred Art Wonder: The St. Paul’s Ruins

Last weekend was spent in Macau, thanks to Air Asia Zest for flying me in. I did not have a real strict itinerary when I went there ,my masterplan was go where my feet takes me and see what are the popular must-see places in Macau. One of the most popular destinations was the ruins of St. Paul which was also referred to as “putol” by Filipino OFWs in the area.

st. paul ruins at macau

The ruins of St. Paul refers to the great carved stone facade of what was originally the Church of Mater Dei built in 1602-1640.   But in 1953 a great fire destroyed all except the facade.

ruins of st. paul

The church was designed by an Italian Jesuit with the assistance of Japanese Christian stonemanship, the Portuguese, who fled persecution in Japan.

St.Paul Ruins in Macau
How the facade stood still inspite of the fire and almost everything destroyed was a mystery which made them keep the facade as reminder of miracles and Christianity in Asia.

St.Paul Ruins Macao
A Museum of Sacret Art was installed at the original crypt of the church, with silver altar pieces, statues and paintings that was said to be items saved from the fire.

the crypt of st. paulmacau

The Crypt

Myseum of Sacred Art
Myseum of Sacred Art

The facade is a reminder of the history of Christianity in Asia.

sacred art at sau pao macao
The place is always jammed-packed with tourist like me who wants to have a shot with the view.

at the ruins macau
If you are coming from the Senado Square, you might get lost finding St. Paul’s ruins as there’s one too many tiny streets and corners and there’s just too many shops that you will lose sight. If it does happen to you don’t forget to check out the street signs, it will help,the maps from the guidebook is so confusing.

street signs at senado square

Up next is my visit the Fortress, and areas at the Senado Square.

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  1. Wow. Spectacular pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Beautiful place to visit

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