Pond’s Perfect Skin Routine Kit

As if they know when I’ll be getting pimples, this Pond’s Perfect Skin Routine kit came right on time!

Pond's Perfect Skin Kit
The Pond’s perfect skin routine kit comes with Pond’s latest product for pimple free skin such as:

  1. Pond’s Ace Clear White 10-in-1 Facial Wash (Php15 for 5g, Php85 for 50g and Php155 for 100g)
  2. Pond’s Acne Expert Toner (Php55 for 60ml and Php85 for 100ml)
  3. Pond’s White Beauty For Acne Prone Skin (Php10 for 6g sachet, Php20 for 10g sachets, Php80bfor 20g tube and Php140 for 40g tube)
  4. Pond’s Overnight Pimple Care Gel (Php320 for 20ml bottle)

By using all the product above you will be able to banis acne and boost your self-confidence.  Here are 4 steps for a perfect skin:

  1. Lather up and wash your face at least twice a day to banish excess oil on your face and wash away pore cloging impurities!
  2. Use Toner with a cotton ball swipe it over hard-to-reach areas and clean away dee-seated dirt!
  3. Moisturize. The surprising cause of pimple is dehydrated skin. Avodi dehydrating your akin byvusing a light moisturizer over your face and neck twice a day.
  4. Spot Correct Acne. A gel spiked with salocylic acid will help banish pimple.

I just tried all of the product above with hopes high as the last pimple gel I used left a dark pimple mark on my face grrrr! I hope Pond’s Overnight Pimple Care Gel doesn’t have same effect and instead leave a clear skin as it promised!

Review of the gel and the acne-prone skin will be up sooner than you think or rather as soon as this pimple I have on my chin dries out!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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