Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Color Melty Cherry Review

I’m dying for a hair makeover but my limited time does not allow me to be at my favorite salon and have it.

So for now, I am forced to DIY my hair coloring and yes even my hair trimming sessions.  (Yes I can cut my own hair, as my dad, my daughter, my sister and mom and my makeup artist friend and some other friends who have seen me do it).

Anyway, I was sent this Schwarzkopf products including the Fresh Light Foam Coloring  and since I have tried another similar product from another brand, I was not afraid to use it myself.

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Color Melty Cherry Review


Product Info:
Fresh Light offers nothing but the best fashion colors from one of the world’s leaders in hair coloration, as well as the opportunity to improve your shade assortment the better to stand out in your endless soirees. Fresh Light Crème comes in Clear Ash, Melty Mocha, Mysterious Beige, Sweet Apricot, Champagne Pink and Passion Blond, while Fresh Light Foam is composed of Berry Ash, Caramel Brown, Melty Cherry and Lemon Blond.

About the girl in the box:
Fresh Light is embodied by a refreshingly cute character named Blythe, who was “born” in the USA in 1972. She has big, shining eyes and is very popular for her cute image and hippie style. Blythe is so kawaii! She’s like the Japanese girls, who are very stylish, fashion-forward and have distinct looks. Schwarzkopf caught this fashionable trend. So Fresh Light, a new brand that represents youth, fashion and personality was born.

What’s inside the box:

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Color Melty Cherry Review

Mix the contents of the black bottle on the white bottle cover it with the squeezer applicator.  Make sure to wear the gloves provided in the packaging and read all the information on the leaflet inside the box to make sure you are doing it right!

The coloration process can be tricky, messy and complicated.  Here’s how it goes:

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Color Melty Cherry Review

The box has a perforated part where you can put in the bottle for coloration.  My suggestion is use black cloth when you use hair coloring so as not to mess your table with hair coloring by mistake!

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Color Melty Cherry Review


Pump the bottle to get the foam that you will apply on your hair!

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Color Melty Cherry Review

It gets really messy like this!

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Color Melty Cherry Review

You have to cover every strand of your hair with the foam and and make it sit for 20-30 minutes then rinse and apply conditioning cream after.


Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Color Melty Cherry Review

What I think of it?

  • I was expecting a super nice melty cherry (reddish) colored hair after but I guess like the usual hair coloring I need to wait a few more days to see the result.
  • As for the ease of use of the product, it was very easy, mix and pump and rub like shampooing is all you need to DIY a new hair color.
  • The products does not have strong smell unlike other coloring treatments I’ve tried.  It doesn’t stain the skin so badly as other hair coloring as well.  I can rinse with soap and water and the stain I got from coloring is gone.  Thank goodness I was kinda sloppy when I colored my hair!
  • My hair feels so smooth after coloring, it also feels very light and shinny as well.  I guess that’s because of the treatment cream that comes along with it.
  • But actually during application and while the color was processing on my hair it made my hair shine smooth.

Fresh Light offers its “Tips in Hair Coloration”:

  1. Always conduct an allergy alert test 48 hours prior to application, especially to first-time users.
  2. If you have colored your hair before, follow the directions for “regrowth application.”
  3. All colorants will give better results for “clean” hair.
  4. Color on top of color will always go darker.
  5. Do not wash/wet your hair for at least 48 hours after the coloration process.
  6. It is not recommended to use a permanent coloration for at least two weeks before or after a perm or chemical straightening
  7. If your hair is generally dry or porous, don’t color.
  8. If your hair is dry and porous only on the ends, do not apply color to the ends until the last 5-10 minutes of the development time.

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Color and Fresh Light Cream color is available at your favorite beauty stations/counters in the country!

How about you, have you tried this product yet?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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