NOTD: Free

At the event earlier at Estancia Mall there was a Free calligraphy and nail art session aside from free flowing food and drinks.  Having no closest blogger friends with me at the event, I went around to window shop and dream of winning the grand prize lotto jackpot so I can buy every piece of pretty little thing that I see and want.

When I got tired of looking around, I went to the event area had some cocktails and then to the table where they do free stuff for you (the nailart and calligraphy thingamajigs).

Glad I was the first to sit at the nailart table because I picked the kinda complicated nailart design.


#NOTD Free

This #nailart design was c/o Mae from the Dashing Diva.  She used Patricia and Vinylux nail polishes to create this #notd.

NOTD Free #nailart

Cheers! To the long weekend. I hope you all have a happy holiday!  Happy Philippine Independence.

As for being free, I don’t think we are free, nobody’s free, nothing comes for free, there’s no such thing as free lunch.  Everything comes with a pricetag (money or otherwise).

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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