Eyebrow Tattoo — Should You Go For It?

So a reader asked what do I think about eyebrow tattoos.  Do I recommend it ?  Why and why not.

Popular mommy blogger and entrepreneur friend Janice Villanueva asked me the same question when we saw each other recently.  She said she was thinking of doing it.

I told her that I had been offered by three people to try eyebrow tattoo for free in exchange of a review in my blog .  The offers started to come before the end of the year up to present but I am very apprehensive about doing it.

While eyebrow tattoo, a.k.a. eyebrow 3d embroidery, is one of the eyebrow trends that’s been catching the waves this year, I don’t want to jump in the bandwagon.   Here’s some of the considerations I told Janice and my anonymous reader to consider before having an eyebrow tattoo:

  1. Eyebrow Trends Change over time!   Tattoo’s no matter how they use different words to it is permanent even if they say it will fade over time.  Eyebrow trends/ shapes and size changes over time .  Remeber the time we all love having those one-lined eyebrow, or even the uni-brow?   Look back 2 years ago when it was super full brows like Cara, now the eyebrows are getting a bit thinner but still bushy. The unkempt/ sparse look is also catching up this season.  So why go permanent with an eyebrow tattoo?  What’s a few minutes spending time drawing or filling in to have a “perfect arch” is not really bad when you think about it.  Plus you can have different looks all the time when you draw your arch differently.  Why settle for one look right?Eyebrow Tattoo Eyebrow Trends every decade
  2. I haven’t found an a year after having an eyebrow tattoo photo or post in the interwebs. So they say that there is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing , some call it 3D embroidery, where they draw a strand on-by-one so it looks “natural”.  They also say it will fade over time.  I was doing my research trying to find an after one year of having her eyebrows tattooed and I can’t find anything.  There could be 2 reasons,one, eyebrow tattoo or embroidery is very new so nobody can show a testimonial of after a year photo or two, they were too embrassed to show an after one year look of their eyebrow because it looked bad or so unnatural?
  3. Which leads us to my 3rd things to consider before getting an eyebrow tattoo, are you ready to have a different look or feel of your eyebrow area compared to the rest of your face.  Like it or not anyting tattoo involves needles and ink, and with needles and ink we know there might be scars or may have balding in the area!
  4. That will lead us to asking will having an eyebrow tattoo leave scars on your eyebrow area once the ink fades? Unless you are alright with wearing the bleached or shaved eyebrow look then go ahead.shaved eyebrows
  5. They might use the wrong ink or an ink that does not agree with my genes and it will turn or fade into green or red or whatever color that is not black or brown or close to my natural hair color!  I’m sure you have seen some older woman, mostly closing senior years or pass menopausal who had their eyebrow tattoos and they look so odd and very obvious that they are tattoo!  It’s not so pretty coz it’s so unnatural!
  6. I’m scared of needles and that excrutiating pain that comes along with having it prick through my skin.  If you had tattoo before I bet this won’t bother you at all, but if you are a tatto virgin this will hurt really bad.  While there is anesthesia involved, I still am not comfy with needles.
  7. It is way too expensive!  Price will not go lower than five digits and I am not willing to spend on something I am not so sure of or something I don’t really need. 

One of the person who asked me to try a free eyebrow tattoo and have declined asked if maybe I could refer some blogger friend who would like to try it.  But I said I can’t refer anyone . I don’t recommend something to someone I won’t use myself or haven’t given a try yet.  If something goes wrong my credibility is on the line and I don’t want an F.O. episode in case it turns out bad in the future.


What I enumerated above are my personal reasons for not considering to have an eyebrow tattoo. They are not the solid facts as some of them are baseless fears because I have not found or seen solid evidence of the turn-out after a time (fear of the unknown).  I may be adventurous but I know my limits.  I know three friends who have had eyebrow tattoo/ embroidery too.  If they are happy, I’m happy for them.  But at the moment, I am not joining the trend.  I am happy with my au natural brows even if they are sparse.  Makeup can do the trick.

My natural Eyebrow no makeup look

How about you, will you consider having an eyebrow tattoo? Why and why not? Let me know I want to hear you out!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Some of my friends have had permanent makeup from the woman in this eyebrow tattoo video Looks really good but like you I’m scared of needles! Regarding the results over time they do tend to fade and my friends brows went slightly blue but you are meant to go and get a top-up now and again. I think I might bite the bullet and go for it!

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