How to Save Your Frail Nails?

Who wants ugly looking nails? No one!

Personally, I feel less confident to socialize when my nails is at their worst. Especially at times when I forgot to trim or when my nailpolish started to peel off. My quick solution would be to cover the chipped color with the polish to temporary hide the imperfection   But by doing so, my nails suffered the beating.   It has gone very frail and it easily cracks or chip. Even my nail technician (manikurista arte!) recommended to give my nails a rest from nail polishes .But the stubborn me can’t do it.

Fortunately this came in the #BloggerMailBox : Emtrix Fungal Nail Solution.

Emtrix How to save your frail nails

Emitrix Fungal Nail Solution is a clear, colourless non-sterile topical solution in a plastic tube.  It uses a silicone drop tip to facilitate application to the nail. Emtrix is free from preservatives and fragrances. The ingredients are fully biodegradable.

Emtrix promotes healing of discolored and deformed nails – cracked and brittle nails, resulting from fungal infection or psoriasis. Emtrix increases hydration and gently smoothens the outer layers of the nail plate by creating an antagonistic microenvironment for microorganisms. It also improves nail surface integrity that helps to discourage nail growth of fungi and bacteria. In a clinical study, most users saw improvement in nail appearance in only 2 weeks, and 92% after 8 weeks. Duration of application varies according to severity, but in many cases 3-6 months of application may be required to achieve satisfactory results.

It is recommended to use at night before bedtime and make sure to let it dry-off first.

I’ll update you guys what happens in the next few weeks , meanwhile,  have that image of my ugly thumb hahaha!

How about you, have you tried this product before?

If not I recommend for you to try before you buy and head over to SampleRoom to get free samples! It is now available!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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