Japanese Three Arts Mittsu No Geitjutsu @ Ace. Manila Launch

Japanese Three Arts Mittsu No Geitjutsu @ Ace. Manila Launch

A lot of my friends have been going in and out of Japan.  I must say I am very much envious of their travel photos.  I love seeing the modern, yet functional, sometimes minimalist aesthics of the places and items they capture with their cameras,  How I wish one day to see the land of the rising sun.

While that travel bucket list is waiting to be crossed-out , I am settling for the amazing Japanese things coming to town.  Recently, at the launch of Ace Bags Philippines, I witness a performance of a Japanese three arts Mittsu No Geitjutsu.

The three arts started off with knaesthic calligraphy, a demonstration of Japanese caligraph combined with dance.  It was follwed by a thrilling yet graceful handstand acrobitics and ended with the spellbinding water dance. Mr. Noguchii Yuichiro explained the Mittsu No Getsu  we saw represents the latest luggage collections by Ace. which is the Rockpaint, Palisades and Ripple.   Witnessing the beauty of movement and fluidity in its execution, is the inspiration beind the Ace. .


Ace. Join the Dots

Ace. Join the Dots


Ace. Join the Dots

Rockpaint, Ripple and Palisades feature classic , elegant lines with technological iinovations that ensures the security of the bags contents and the users comfort.  There’s  TSA-acceptd 3-combination lock of each luggage.  The different collections also have lightweight but extremely durable impact resistant material.
Ace. Join the Dots
Ace. is distributed by Primer Group of Companies in the Philippines.  To know more about the brand follow them Facebook look for ace.Philippines.

Ace. Join the DotsAce. Join the DotsAce. Join the DotsAce. Join the Dots

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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