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State of Lawless Violence #WIWTD 101

Thoughts are running through my head while I sip my cup of coffee in this beautiful balcony. While I feel at ease and relaxed at this comforting view, my head is wandering off about my country and my countrymen.

state of lawless violence

My friends and relatives who are not in the Philippines are very much worried for me and my family’s safety. All the news getting to them makes them very nervous about what’s happening and how bad the situation is. I don’t know if I console them at all by saying, “I am safe… for now!” I say that because honestly, I don’t know for how long this feeling of security I have for myself and my family will last because things could just change in a moment.

What the people in our government and law interpretations said about the declaration of the state of lawless violence a.k.a. state of lawlessness by our new President Rodrigo Duterte is that it’s a simple matter of military intervention or involvement in police matters or incidences. Just like the recent bombing in Davao City night market you will not just see police around the area but military as well.

In Metro Manila where I am based, there are a lot of checkpoints happening everywhere. This is making the already bad traffic worse, the usual 30 minute drive turned 4 hours! But people are tolerating it because it is for their safety. It doesn’t matter if they are gonna be late for their work, appointment, date, operation, flight or whatever, people lately are like sheeps here.

The state of lawless violence is a little close to martial law but not just there yet, when push comes to shove we will know what happens next. For now my friends, please pray for the Philippines, pray for the World that there may be peace on Earth and goodwill to men. Such a cliche call but it is what we need. Of course we all need love. Love is all we need to end the hate. If we love life that much none of these nonsense would have happened.

State of lawless violence

state of lawless violence

state of lawless violence

What I wore:
Long backless dress: ZAFUL
Taken at Azalea Hotel & Residences Boracay

Yes, turning a fashion post into social issue post because we can always turn our attention into something else , sort of escapism.

Stay safe and gorgeous everyone!

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