end sexual exploitation of children

When I heard the horrifying story behind the “Destruction of Daisy” I got weak in the knees, chills down my spine and tears ran down my face.  I asked myself how could a human do such harm to innocent children?  What could have drove the perpetrator and even his cohorts do such things and not feel remorse or fear? As a mom, I am glad the evil man behind it was caught but I am heartbroken because that guy never showed remorse.  His cohorts who buy his sh*t has not been caught either.  They will all just find new source of freaky inhumane entertainment for their disgusting form of leirsure.  Scums of the earth.

That was just one case involving a dozen children who were sexually exploitated physically and marketed online.  There are a hundred more cases like this uncaught.

Statistics gathered by World Vision shows that the Philippines ranked 10th worldwide on prevalence of sexual exploitation among children aged 10-14. Children as young as 3 months old are victims of livestream sexual abuse.

Breakdown shows that 50% of reported cases on cyber crime is online child abuse. Meanwhile, 1 in 10 children experience sexual violence in their homes.  In this , 17.1% of children experienced sexual violence while growing up.

These numbers is alarming and it takes a world to end sexual exploitation of children like this.

That said, World Vision in the Philippines has launched its global campaign to end sexual exploitation against children by:

  1. Being an instrument of awareness and tell the world this is happening and this must stop.
  2. Empower the caregivers and children with education, health and nutrition support, increase capacities of familied to orovide for their basic needs .
  3. Establish online hotline
  4. Supoort front-liners, rescue operations and legal interventions.
  5. Support Safe Shelters and reintegration programs. Creation of caregroups providing a caring and protective environment for all girls and bous especially the most vulnerable children.
  6. Increase accountability and good governance for child protection. Implement measures to prevent and address sexual exploitstion of chidren.

The campaign will be implemented in the country with the goal in mind that by 2020 3 million children are protected from sexual exploitation.

The It Takes A World to End Sexual Exploitation of Children was launched during the 60 year anniversary of World Vision in the Philippines held at Max Restaurant in Quezon City.

end sexual exploitation of children

The campaign is in partnership and cooperation with thE International Justice Mission (IJM), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Inter-agency Against Trafficking (IACAT) and other like minded agencied and groups.

At the launch they also introduced the app Caring Communities. This app enables donors to support other World Vision’s community-based programs which promote Economic Development,Child Protection and Disaster Preparedness programs.

end sexual exploitation of children

The press launch was hosted by World Vision Ambassador for Disaster Risk and Reductikn Marc Nelson and new World Vision Ambassador for Chold Sponsorship Joyce Pring.  Other celebrity ambassadors of World Vision who pitched support to the anniversary actjvity includr World Vision Ambassador for the Youth Jasmine Curtis-Smith, World Visiom Ambassador for Health and Nutrition Tintin Bersola-Babao, New World Vision Youth Ambassador for Education Bianca Umali, new World Vision advocatr CJ Hirro and World Vision National Ambassadors Tippy dos Santos and Sam Conception.

Visit worldvision.org.ph to know what help you can extend them to make this campaign a success.

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