Outfit Planning Cabin Zero 36L Suitcase Backpack

One of the habits I got from frequently travelling local or abroad is outfit planning. This makes me feel secured that I don’t have to incur unnecessary expense of buying new clothes (although I have a room for shopping in my itinerary) or go to the laundry or wash clothes myself while on the trip. Or feel uncomfortable (maybe stink and itch) because I have to use the side a and side b of a clothing piece coz I ran out of something to wear.

This is what I pack inside my three day two nights trip:


Outfit Planning Cabin Zero 36L Suitcase Backpack

This includes footwear, makeup, skin care and hygiene, and clothes I need from Day 0 to Day 3.

Super most important items like passport, travel documents, cash and cards, power bank, charger and cords, keys, cellphone and desktop selfie stick are packed in a separate small sling bag I can easily access and not need to open up my entire luggage.

How to outfit plan?

  • Picture in your mind your itinerary and how you want to look like in the photos that you will be taking. Put in mind comfort (is it weather appropriate).
  • Make sure it is custom or culture appropriate (some Asian destinations like Laos Luang Prabang and most temples in Asia #TourismMekong require dress code where no shoulders and ankle exposure for women ).
  • Would the colors you wear standout or blend in the background? Fashion bloggers are an expert on outfit planning I have been to trips with them and travel light is not a buzz word for them coz they love to maximize the view, the outfit and their time that they even wake up as early as 6am so as to capture themselves, their outfit and the place with less or no people photobombing them (Shout out to David Guison and Miko Carreon whom I have traveled to Macau on a December #EGinMacau and I have seen how they take their fashion blogging seriously). Great work guys mumshie is so proud haha!

Now that you have all of that in mind make a list of what you need from Day 0 to Day 3. Like this:

Outfit Planning Cabin Zero 36L Suitcase Backpack

Now the tricky part, packing them in one luggage without the need for a check-in luggage if traveling by air.

Some carry on luggage don’t fit the standard cabin bag dimension. I learned this the hard way during my U.S. Trip from L.A. to Oregon via Alaska Air #EarthintheUSAadventure. And I though I outsmarted them boohoo.

Now comes Cabin Zero 36L suitcase backpack form UK that fit standard cabin bag dimensions for most airlines in the world. Plus it is ultralightweight I won’t even be that worried if I still need to check it in because of all the beauty products I pack when I travel.

So, how much can you pack in a Cabin Zero 36L suitcase backpack? Watch this:

To itemize how many I have packed inside #MyCabinZero here is the list:

  • 37pcs of clothing
  • 20pcs of makeup items
  • 31pcs of hygiene and skin care items
  • 3pcs extra laundry bag
  • 1 shoebag
  • 1 Converse Counter Climate sneakers
  • 1 foldable flip flops
  • 1 Komono sun glasses
  • 1 hygiene kit
  • 1 makeup kit
  • 1 shoebag

Total of 127 pieces inside a Cabin Zero 36L suitcase bag.

Packing tips:

  • Start with the heavy, bulky ones and put them on the buttom part of your luggage.
  • Use a scarf to separate items in your luggage if you don’t have a compartment cabin cube bags.
  • Fold you clothes in a roll to save space and lessen wrinkles on your clothes (so you don’t need to iron).
  • Pack travel sizes or disposable hygiene products you can live without (like shampoo and conditioner, skin care, toothpaste, etc) and come home with a lighter luggage than before you left.
  • Take note of the 50ml liquid handcart items so you don’t need to get worried or dump your precious beauty products in the garbage bin when in the airport.

So, was I able to lift all the items I packed?

Outfit Planning Cabin Zero 36L Suitcase Backpack
What I Wore: H&M Top Mint jeans shirts Fitflop Black Patent Cabin Zero Classic Blue Jean 36L

Outfit Planning Cabin Zero 36L Suitcase Backpack


Outfit Planning Cabin Zero 36L Suitcase Backpack

What I think of my Cabin Zero 36L Suitcase Backpack in Blue Jean?

  • I love the big zippers and how not visible the zips are.
  • I love the texture, feels like it doesn’t get dirty easily.
  • I love how heavily padded the shoulder straps are so it doesn’t feel taxing on your shoulders and bag when you carry it.
  • I love the very functional yet fashionable design.
  • Did I mention it has 25 years warranty as well!

How much is this Cabin Zero 36L Suitcase Backpack in Classic Blue Jean?

Roughly aroubd Php3,500 exchange rate of Php63 to UK£1.

If you feel the need of this travel IT bag , it comes in many different colors and also comes in a bigger size 42L, visit cabinzero.com to look around and order yours now. They ship worldwide door to door!

Use my Cabin Zero discount coupon code CZEARTH to get 10% discount when you buy.

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Check out @cabinzero on Instagram #CabinZero #MyCabinZero to see updates and where have the global trotters have taken their most coveted suitcase backpack to.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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