World’s First Justice League Smartphone

I have always been a fan of superhero cartoons and movies.  The idea that there are super humans or even a gentle hearted aliens whose main concern and mission in life is to ride the world of all the bad elements is my real life dream. As a girl up to now  they’re the ones that inspired  that this world still has hope and that there can be greatness in all of us working to be fair and just.

That said,  as a true blue fangirl if the DC comics universe, the moment I’ve set my eyes on the world’s first Justice League smartphone with special features and accessories I just had to feel it,  touch it,  and play with it and show everyone what this smartphone is all about.

Without further ado,  here is the Justice League Smartphone with special features and accessories made by Ekonic:

What are the specs of the World’s First Justice League smartphone by Ekonic:

OS: Android 7 Nougat
Storage: 16GB
Micro SD
Dual MicroSim
Rear camera: 8mp
Front camera: 5mp
5.5″ display 720x1280HD

World's First Justice League Smartphone

World's First Justice League Smartphone

Justice League special features:
Box contains 3 additional done casing with Superman, Batman and Flash.
Accessories with WonderWoman inspired charger and cable is inspired by the Lasso of Truth
Earphones has Flash emblem
Justice League Sticker set
Certificate of Authenticity from Justice League

The World’s First Justice League smartphone by Ekonic is exclusively available via SMArt through a postpaid account. Available for existing and new subscribers with an additional Php 400 on your monthly bill for 30 months. You may avail of the Justice league smartphone starting 2nd week of August.

World's First Justice League Smartphone

This is a Limited Edition Android phone by the way as there will only be 5,000 units available. Visit for more details about getting a postpaid line. Follow @beekonic to find out about their other Justice League themed and licensed merchandise.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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