How To Choose The Most Flattering Nail Shape

Nail Shapes

The choice of the nail shape is as significant as the choice of the haircut and the shape of eyebrows. Neat nails say everything about the woman: from the personality to the lifestyle. That is why you should pick the nail shape carefully so that it will be flattering, pretty and comfortable.

Here are some facts about nail shapes. Hopefully, they’ll help you to choose the best shape, which will emphasize your beauty and express your personality.

The Connection Between The Nail Shape And The Personality

The nail language helps to understand the woman better. It says a lot not only about her appearance but reveals information about her character. Let’s see types of women and which nails shapes they prefer.

  • A fashionista. This woman is daring, sexy and adventurous. She prefers stiletto nails, which offer a versatility of nail designs and are known for their pointy shape. This woman doesn’t do many household chores and prefers beauty, not practicality.
  • A practical girl. She is a perfectionist and likes short and tailored nails. They show that she is responsible and ready to explore the world. She doesn’t like a colorful nail art, instead of it, she goes for a plain and neat manicure.
  • A strong woman with leadership skills. This woman likes a French manicure, that is why her favorite shape is a square. It makes wide nail beds smaller and longer, that is why nails look delicate.
  • A feminine and caring woman is romantic, sometimes shy and tender. She prefers round nails, which always look elegant. This shape makes nails visually thinner.
  • An independent and decisive woman. She has an inner strength, but she never seeks confrontation. She has fingers in many pies, that is why she chooses oval nails. They need a low-maintenance and suit all types of nail beds.
  • An ambitious and self-confident woman. She is balanced and powerful, yet feminine. Her choice is a squoval shape, which combines edgy and soft structures. This shape is perfect for businesswomen as it gives a casual, but a fancy look.
  • An artistic woman, who is into experiments, likes an almond shape. It gives a wide surface for the nail art and creates the illusion of long nails.

How To Choose The Most Flattering Nail Shape

There are many nail shapes, which fit any finger type and the style of a woman. You may change them depending on the occasion, mood or your life period. Here are some awesome shapes for you to consider if you want to add extra flare to your style.

Round Shape

nail shapes

This classic shape is admired by many women. It looks neat and stylish and goes almost with each outfit. The length of nails is short and the edge is naturally curved.

Why To Choose: it requires low-maintenance and makes the wide nail beds slimmer and fingers longer. Besides, it offers a long durability because a smooth and rounded tip is hard to chip.

Why To Avoid: it doesn’t give much space for the nail art.

Square Shape

nail shapes

This is a modern shape for bold women. It features straight edges and a squared-off tip and always looks neat.

Why To Choose: it emphasizes the beauty of narrow nails and long fingers. Besides, it looks nice with almost all colors.

Why To Avoid: if you have wide nail beds, then this shape can make them look stubby. Also, the edges are prone to chipping even if they are covered with UV gel.

Oval Shape

nail shapes

It is easy to maintain and it gives a polished look. It is characterized by a semi-circle with a blunt end. That is why it looks delicate and feminine. All designs are here InkProfy.

Why To Choose: it makes short and thick fingers slimmer and fits long and short nails. It is durable and it widens narrow nail beds, which enhances the woman’s appearance and creates a balanced look.

Why To Avoid: this shape is universal and the one demerit is that you can’t put a volumetric and massive design on it.

Squoval Shape

nail shapes

This a universal nail shape, which flatters all finger types and all nail bed sizes.

Why To Choose: it keeps the nails strong and provides a high durability. Also, it doesn’t have sharp edges, which catch on things.

Why To Avoid: it’s fashionable and practical, don’t wear it only if it doesn’t fit your personal preferences or style.

Almond Shape

nail shapes

This shape is an epitome of glam. The sides of nails taper towards the end and they have a rounded tip.

Why To Choose: it gives an illusion of long and slim nails. It keeps nails fairly strong and looks good on long and short nails.

Why To Avoid: it is prone to chipping more than other nail shapes and it makes such daily activities as opening soda or unbuttoning clothes challenging.

Stiletto Shape

nail shapes

This shape resembles claws and fits glamorous outfits.

Why To Choose: it looks awesome on long nails and elongates short fingers.

Why To Avoid: it is too pointy, that is why you may feel uncomfortable wearing it. Besides, it doesn’t fit weak nails as they are prone to breakage.

Ballerina Shape

nail shapes

This shape looks slightly extravagant. It is long and narrow and tapers dramatically towards the end and finishes with a square tip.

Why To Choose: it emphasizes the beauty of narrow nail beds and gives a big canvas for the nail art.

Why To Avoid: due to the length, it may be impractical sometimes. If you an office person or a housewife, steer clear of this shape.

Lipstick Shape

nail shapes

This edgy shape is creative and trendy. It slants diagonally for a unique manicure shape.

Why To Choose: it makes acrylic or strong natural nails look beautiful, makes fingers slimmer and gives an extravagant shape, which is great for extraordinary women.

Why To Avoid: this edgy structure may spoil delicate fabrics such crepe, brocade, satin.

Thus, each shape has its merits and demerits. Choose the one, which is the best for your nails and which may be the reflection of your inner world. And then wearing it you will be self-confident and trendy!


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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