#WIWTD 115 – 117 : Mombod Swimsuit + Aura sa Summer 2018 Winners


#WIWTD 115 – 117 : Mombod Swimsuit + Aura sa Summer 2018 Winners

I’ve posted this on my personal Facebook page and decided to post this here on the blog as well.

Have you seen the latest swimsuit trend on Instagram.  You know the kind those influencers post on their IG feel a lot.  Maybe it’s old age or my mommy instincts but I don’t know what’s going on why these girls have to show off their groin (singit)  wearing their swimmies like it is a cool thing to do.  Sure their singit looks fair and smooth and white.  Who are the audience you are teying to show those groins anyway?   Auditioning for p o r n h u b perhaphs ? IDK!   The swimsuits are pulled way too high on the waist to show the groin (singit) and in the process a cameltoe appears (more distasteful even!) What’s up girls what’s up?   Tell me?  You can be sexy without revealing too much,  leave some space for imagination don’t give the entire plate for the whole world to see.

Anyway,  maybe it’s just the mom in me talking. Plus I don’t have a bod like those skinny girls I have a mom bod I am proud of it . But not too proud to let it all out.  I am happy to be healthy and no serious health issues maybe just sleep deprived or other suggestions that Health Trends can tell me about . You know accentuate your assets and hide the inoerfections and the intimate parts that’s meant for your lover only.  K?

With that said here are the #mombod swimsuits I wore for my recent Aura a Summer 2018 trips,  about four beach trips since Holyweek 2018.

Aura sa summer 2018 mombod swimsuits Mombod swimsuits aura sa summer 2018 Mombod swimsuits aura sa summer 2018Mombod swimsuits aura sa summer 2018
What I wore: #WIWTD 115
Shop Stylecat Swimsuit
H&M cap
Taken at Pico de Loro Hamilo Coast Batangas


Inflatable island expectations vs realitu Mombod swimsuits aura sa summer 2018 Mombod swimsuits aura sa summer 2018
What I wore: #WIWTD 116
Swimsuit: Cococabana at SM Women
Straw hat: H&M
Swim shortd: Nike
Taken at Inflatabke Island Subic Zambales

Mombod swimsuits aura sa summer 2018

What I wore: #WIWTD 117
Swimsuit: SM Woman
Taken at Subic Zambales

I call them mombod swimsuit because they hide the mommy bulges and backfat and tummy stretch marks. Battlescars that I am proud of but I don’t want to show-off. One-piece swimwear are classy and can be worn by evrry body type. Just get the right fit and you are good to go aura sa summer!

With that said, I have two one-piece swimsuit up for grabs that will come along sunblock and sunglasses and tampon to complete you #aurasasummer2018 outing. I posted this giveaway on FB and IG and now announcing the winners here!

The winners are:
@hersley3126 on Instagram
Katherine Sicat of Facebook

Winners Please private message me for your shipping details. Congratulations!

If you din not win don’t worry more #EarthlingorgeousMysteryBox giveawag is coming.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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