Johnny English Strikes Again Movie Review — His and Her Opinion

Have yous een any Johnny English movie betore?  Are you a Rowan Atkin fan or just like mindless comedy ?

Johnny English Strikes Back will be showing in Philippine cinemas starting October 10 and was rated PG by the MTRCB .

Should you watch it?  Read what he and she thinks below…


What Marcus think of it? His POV

Juan…Juan Filipino.  That would be the Filipino version of Johnny English.  This is the third of the Johnny English movies, and I think you can see an evolution of the character.  I personally don’t like where the character is going, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a funny movie. This movie is exactly what you expect it to be.  Rowen Atkin does his thing, trying to act suave while being forgetful, goofy and just bad at stuff. The evolution of his character I mention is that he’s now not always an idiot.  He has moments of competence. He does some things well, like driving and fighting, and I don’t know if I like that. I want him to try to solve problems and fail miserably, but in the end the pieces come together to win the day.

There are a few chase scenes, but very little in the way of stunts or fighting.  There is one hottie woman, but I can’t remember anything special she does to make me fall in love with her.  Yeah, I like my beauties to earn my affection. The movie itself is shot vey well. They spent a lot of money on special effects and locations, really travelling to the places instead of faking where they are.  The spy tech was just okay. Not Bond level stuff, but some of it was fun. A lot of it was disguised as English candy that I’ve never heard of. Kind of like if Juan Filipino has a Lychee Jellie bomb. (We don’t have lychee anything in the US). You’ll hear the word garrote many times.  If you don’t know, that’s a wire used to strangle people.

The audience was full of laughter and I chuckled a few times.  The story does have some clever moments, which is what I truly enjoy.  The plot is actually straight forward and obvious, but they don’t try to hide it for very long.  It is annoying when a movie pretends it is complicated when everyone knows what is going on. I am certain children will find it very funny.  There are not too many sexual references and the violence is generally comical. If you’re a Rowen Atkin fan, you’ll enjoy this movie.

Johnny English Strikes Back movie review

What Earth Thinks of it?  Her POV

I am not a Rowan Atkin fan because he just really is dumb in his movies  but to my surprise I loved the Johnny English Strikes Back movie.  This was his third I’ve seen the other two but this one just got me rolling laughing out loud literally in every mindless thing he did in this film.

I like the simple plot, simple but though provoking at least.  It’s so relatable to what’s happening to the world right now.  We all just have to think about what we are doing and who are we enthrustung our digital footprints)date/ storage etc.

It definitely is a wholesome film. I  like his rapport with his sidekick, very fluid.   And if Rowan did all the chase stunts in there he is really a skilled driver.  

The movie is very lightly hearted it’s something we all need at the moment, a good laugh. It  ensues is a battle of wit versus the witless, mastermind versus Mr Mindless, high tech versus
analogue as Johnny English lurches from one mishap to the next in his attempt to expose Volta and save the
world from his master plan – what is it?  Maybe you should watch to find out!



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