Shazam movie review

SHAZAM Movie Review -. His and Her Opinion

Honestly, I don’t know a thing about Shazam until I went hanging out at DC Cafe .  I learned that in the 1930s Shazam was actually known as Captain Marvel but because of the copyright issues Marvel Comics won against DC Comics for the name Captain Marvel and so Captain Marvel became Shazam.  No this is not a spoiler, it’s just a backgrounder.

We were one of the first to see SHAZAM movie in Manila and here’s why we think you should watch it.

Shazam movie review

What Earth Thinks of It?  Her POV

Like I said above I know nothing about Shazam, but because of the commercials I was expecting a goofy one totally opposite of Captain Marvel movie by Marvel . SHAZAM is owned by DC Comics btw.

Anyway, if you are looking for a very light hearted way of an Origin movie of a superheros Shazam is the superhero movie to watch. It’s fun, goofy,  stupid that I laughed almost maybe 70 to 80 percent of the entire movie.

It’s not as serious as the usual superhero movies we are all used to.  The plot and the twist and  the sidekick are all unusual.  It’s kinda childish but I think it’s something we all needed.  Light and fun and just entertaining.

I hope the movie doesn’t go to serious  when they make a sequel or trilogy it an entire movie series haha.

Btw, there are two Easter eggs so wait for it.

Shazam movie review

What Marcus Thinks of it?  His POV

The premise of this movie is a little strange: a young kid transforms into an adult and gets superpowers. Not exactly part of the standard hero movie of today, and why I was surprised that they actually included it in the same universe of other DC heroes. So that was cool. It makes sense. Shazam was one of the first superhero comics. Things were different back then. They didn’t have many other heroes, so they made them simple. He’s very powerful…because of…magic..and go! Today’s heroes need a bit more back story to impress some of us. But I knew I was going to be in for a different experience when I saw the PG rating. It’s a kid’s movie. And that makes sense given it is a kid hero. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t seem very childish. Yes, it has all the home is where the heart is and stupid Greek God stuff in it, but again, it’s old school. So accepting where it comes from, I watched with an open mind and just enjoyed it.

The best part of the movie is the semi-realistic dialogue. The characters hear how ridiculous things sound and react in a realistic way. It was refreshing and very funny. Second was the power exploration. You’re told you’re a hero, but get no user’s manual…what do you do? That was a lot of fun.

I can’t think of too much bad to say about the movie. It suffers from my normal complaint with 90% of hero movies these days, in that heroes are too powerful. At least this movie tries to set out some rules about how this universe and the powers work, so we know weaknesses and how things can be destroyed. But it’s still just “magic” which is disappointing and simple, but it’s from another time, so I’ll not complain too much. It’s no secret I’m not a DC lover, but I would happily watch a sequel of this film.

Shazam is a David F. Sandberg Film Starring Zachary Levi distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

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