Get Hooked on Tagalog Films with #HOOQFreePlay Festival

I have to admit, I don’t watch a lot of Tagalog movies in cinemas. I know there are lots of good ones but I can always watch them if the TV station would play it which is not often.   So , it was such a good news for me to learn about #HOOQFreePlay.

#HOOQFreePlay is a section on HOOQ where you can watch a movie or a series for free!  And for an entire month, starting June 21,2019 to July 21,2019 all HOOQ subscribers and app users can watch a load full of Filipino movies for free as part of the #HOOQFreePlay Festival.  The festival will be a parade of  thousand of Filipino movies you can watch for free!

HOOQ has more than a thousand of Tagalog movies in their library from the new movies to the classics, yes even Eddie Garcia classic movies like May Lamok sa Loob ng Kulambo where he got his monicker Manoy !

Download the app now and get a free one month subscription for new users.  Now if you read all the way up to here, you can get a two month subscription FREE from me.  First two people to leave a sensible comment gets to win a free two month subscription to HOOQ!

#HOOQFreePlay #HOQFreePlay

The HOOQ Free Play event was held at the Circuit Makati attended by Nadine Lustre and Dra Margarita Holmes who will have a HOOQ Originals Series called Sex Talks!

It was such a delight to meet Dra. Margarita Holmes in person, I have watched her since my college days and she’s the most blunt but educational person I’ve met.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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