Why Time is Precious for Charitable Organizations + World Vision’s Hope Town Launch

World Vision Hope Town

Why Time is Precious for Charitable Organizations + World Vision’s Hope Town Launch

When you see some people in the mall trying to get your attention and get a few minutes of your time to get you in their booth, what is your instinct?

Most of you would probably say “I don’t have time.”  Especially when we’ve been burned a lot to time about the networking or spamming your emails after.

When I was asked by World Vision to join them as an advocate and help them with the launch of Hope Town , an experiential booth featuring a day in the life of one of one of their sponsored children, Nica, I did not hesitate.

They wanted us to roam around the mall side by side with one of their celebrity ambassadors Bianca Umali,  Inigo Pascual, and Enzo Pineda and ask people to go check out Hope Town.

In the installation, the public gets to witness Nica’s story come to life as they enter the booth which is an exact replica of her home and community in North Cebu. At the end of the walkthrough awaits another exciting experience in a whole new dimension thru a VR video with a 360 perspective of Nica’s life.

World Vision Hope Town

It was easy to get people’s attention because we were with a celebrity.  My team mate was Enzo Pineda and Jeman Villanueva. They would ask for photo in exchange of spending a few minutes in Hope Town. But what if we were not with celebrities how could we invite people to check out the booth?  It will be hard !

So, I just want to say that in case you are not in a rush and you see some NGO asking for your time , it will mean much to them!

Hope Town is meant not just to inspire the public, but to spark a fresh desire that will move the public to be engaged in building, restoring, and uplifting the lives of others in need—most especially the children.

World Vision Hope Town

For more than 60 years, World Vision’s work has centered on changing the lives of the most vulnerable children and their communities. As a child-focused global Christian organization, World Vision is committed to giving every child an opportunity to live “life in all its fullness.”

World Vision constantly challenges itself in finding new ways or innovative campaigns or programs to widen its reach and increase partnerships so that it can give hope to more children in the Philippines.

Catch the first run of Hope Town at the TriNoma Cinema lobby (4th floor in front of Krispy Kreme) from January 27 to February 09, 2020.

Hope Town is made possible with a partnership from brand activation company Excite Inc., Max’s Restaurant, ComCo Southeast Asia and with the help of World Vision advocates Rodel Flordeliz of Nognog in the City, Ria Lumandog of Sugar Smile, Rod Magaru of The Rod Magaru Show, Earth Rullan of Earthlingorgeous, Ed Uy of Where is Ed Uy?, and Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV. 

For updates on future locations, like and follow World Vision Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit the official website, www.worldvision.org.ph.

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