Niks Skin Miracle Mouse Review + First Impressions Miracle Mousse

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Niks Skin Miracle Mouse Review + First Impressions Miracle Mousse

I received a package of all the skincare products by Niks Skin recently and was intrigued by one particular product in the package, the Miracle Mouse .

Honestly, I have not heard of Niks Skin ever but according to the information included in the package I got, Niks Skin has been around worldwide since 2003 .  It was know then as Lily’s Touch which has a cult following especially with their Miracle Cream.

I did a Niks Skin unboxing and first impression vlog, you may watch it here:

Since the vlog above, I have been using the Niks Skin Miracle Mousse and here’s my honest review based on my personal experience.

Miracle Mousse is said to be an all around skin mousse with SPF 50.  That promises a lot of skin miracle including protection from skin cancer, collagen stimulation,anti-aging and a lot more .  Basically trying to live up to it’s name , the Miracle Mousse is the answer to all your skin problem.

My personal experience using Miracle Mousse

Like I mentioned earlier, I have used this since I got it and sad to say, I am not compatible with the product.  I don’t have problematic skin, in fact I am one of those gifted ones who doesn’t get terrible breakouts .  My skin is smooth and clear , I don’t have acne scars and my pores are barely visible.

But after a couple of days using the Miracle Mousse , my face started to get those tiny itchy bumps, like what I get when I get allergies.  My face got so itchy that I need to take my allergy medicines to make it stop.  With that said, I stopped using Miracle Mousse after a week of use because my skin got worst instead of better.

I bet when people who used this product will say I should have not stopped but I don’t want my skin to suffer loner and experience the itchiness anymore.  My skin is better before I used this now I have this rashes I don’t know how to get rid off.

What I think of it?

While the product info mentioned a lot of skin miracle promises, it did not deliver on me.  Maybe there are products in it that is not suitable for my skin.  I never knew I was sensitive to any,  I was hardly sensitive to a lot of products and this is the new one I tried using so there couldn’t be any other culprit but this.

I would like to try their other products that clears breakouts but I don’t think I want to dare.  This “breakout” is not acne but allergies.

Packaging barely has info about the ingredients so I can’t pinpoint the culprit.

Do I recommend the Miracle Mouse?

They sell it for Php550 a tub and you can get it online especially on their social media pages I have mentioned on my vlog.   I don’t know if I would recommend it for the above circumstances.  I have seen amazing results with some people.  But I can’t vouch for it myself.  Try at your own risk, like I did.

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