Realistic Dollhouse

How to Build a Realistic Dollhouse

The toy, doll, and game manufacturing industry is worth $2 billion in the US. While many kids are playing video games, toy dolls are still a favorite among children.

However, dolls require many accessories. Dollhouses are a perfect example. Your child’s dolls need a place to live as well as furniture and other necessities.

Instead of buying a dollhouse, you can always make one DIY. You’ll save money and making a realistic dollhouse is a fun project for you and your children, especially since you’re all staying home during the pandemic. You can also customize the dollhouse, resulting in a product that your child will love for years.

Here’s how to make a lifelike dollhouse.

Build a Dollhouse

Building a DIY dollhouse is the most difficult step, but it’s crucial you follow all instructions to ensure your dollhouse will last a long time.

  • 22 poplar boards of various sizes
  • Six birch plywood
  • Two cabinet door catches
  • Various small door hinges
  • Clear flex tape
  • Wood glue
  • Miter, jig, and circular saws
  • Tape measure
  • Pneumatic nail gun and nails
  • Two wood clamps
  • Dust mask
  • 400 grit sandpaper
  • Safety glasses

First, build the sides of the home. Cut the plywood so the dimensions are 30” x 4’ x 12”. Next, work on the floor. This should be 29” x 11”. The back should be 40” x 14.5”.

Don’t forget to cut the roof at a 45-degree angle. Use the flex tape to secure it.

Attach all of the pieces with a nail gun and wood glue. Don’t forget to cut out the windows! Use spare plywood and make rooms. You can also make different floors, a chimney, and other customizations.


No DIY dollhouse projects are complete without paint! To prime the house for paint, spray the surface with a wood sealer. This will prevent the paint from being absorbed into the wood.

Use acrylic base paint or semi-gloss latex paint. Let your child choose the colors they want! But if you truly want a realistic dollhouse, use colors you would normally find in a house.

You can also choose to use wallpaper, if desired. If you have an artistic child, you can ask them to draw or paint the house.

Create the Rooms

The final step to make a dollhouse is creating the rooms. You can find doll-sized furniture for just about all rooms. If desired, you can also make your own. You’ll also want to include lights for better visibility. Plus, LED lighting brings dollhouses to life.

A Realistic Dollhouse Is Easier to Build Than You Think

Building a realistic dollhouse is a great project for the whole family. You can design the dollhouse how you want and add various customizations. Your child can be creative, helping you build the house to their liking.

This is just one of the many projects you can do with your children. But what if your child doesn’t play with dolls? From creating a garden to installing electronics, there are various home projects to inspire you.

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