cat-proof your homes

5 Sure ways to Cat-Proof your home and keep your Plants and Sofa intact

I live in a condo, and honestly, pets are not allowed in here. It’s a rule because they don’t want the place to get destroyed and because it is not cat-proof. It is reasonable unless you have behaved and well-trained pets so they will let your fur baby slide.

Just less than two months ago, I finally got a kitten !  Since we moved here I have no close contact with any cat and it’s making me stir crazy/  Yes, I am a cat lover.  There was a time we have 9 living cats in our house and it was such a happy bunch of cats and kittens!

My cats names in the past were Pututay, Pututoy, Ikabod, Wolverine, Gambit, Snowhite, Marcelino, Peachy, Siopao, Yoda and the last of the originals who died last year was Princess Panget.

Watching cat videos on Instagram was one of my secret pleasures. My heart is just filled with so much joy seeing the crazy and adorable ways of a cat.

There was a lot of thought and consideration when I decided to get a kitten.  I could have gotten one of Princess Panget litter living at my sister’s place but transporting those adult cats would be very difficult they might be unruly in the transport and ran away (most of them are scaredy cats.

I joined a FREE CAT ADOPTION group on Facebook, yes free all you need to pay is the pet transport. I scroll through a bunch of kittens posted for adoption and it’s just destiny that LUX former human and I agreed so fast with the adoption.  In just a day I had her with me !

Luxurious Purrfection, Lux for short, a tuxedo cat with mix breed of Persian and Siamese cat, Permese as they call it.  She got more of a Siamese cat features.

I got a kitten because they are easier to train.

I was planning to teach my new kitty to do her number one and two in the CR, but I was lucky that just as soon as I got the Lux, the former human told me that she is litter box trained.  I was actually the one who was not prepared for a litter-trained kitty, I didn’t even though I can have a kitty that soon.
I feel bad for Lux on her first two nights that she has to suffer doing her business on my garden soil and just a box from some press kit but she survived, we both survived.

My litter box and cat litter sand arrived faster than I thought which is great!

Kittens are generally a playful bunch.  Cats will chase and play with anything that’s moving and will scratch anything if you let them do it.

A week after Lux arrived my new 2 seater sofa arrived.  It was brand spanking new, nice upholstery in baby pink!  That is how I was so unexpecting of a kitten in my life!  I was a bit worried.

I am also a plantita / plant momma since I moved in this condo.  It is one of the hobbies I acquired since the pandemic and I moved into this new spacious condo.
Home sweet home
So, there lie two dilemmas, how do I cat-proof my plants and sofa?  What are the strategies I need to do to make sure my new cat won’t destroy my precious plants and my brand spanking new sofa in baby pink?

Well, here are 5 Sure ways to Cat-Proof your home and keep your Plants and Sofa intact

How to Cat-Proof your home:

  1.  Make sure you have a lot of boxes and shimmering and noisy papers near your sofa or plants.  This way as soon as they are on their way to charge at your sofa or plants, turn their attention immediately to the boxes or papers and shimmery stuff.  They can’t resist this more than a non-moving and quiet plant and your homes
  2. Have a lot of cat toys they can play with or you can throw them at them easily when they start to charge at your plants or sofa.  Cats can get easily distracted by something that is moving.
  3. Have a scratching post or a cushion,  I bought Lux a scratching post but she did not like it.  She liked my Tatami floor cushion in native straws,

    they make a great scratching “post” for her. It is way so much better than the sofa for her.  It has the right size that she can make “gigil” with her claws and your homes

  4. Having these boxes and toys and scratching cushions or post nearby will train them to not charge at plants and the your homes
  5. If all those fails (which I guarantee won’t) have a spray bottle of water ready.   When your cat or kitten is misbehaving or doing something you don’t like them doing like nibbling on your plants or sitting on your plant pots, spray them with water (indirectly).  They don’t like the spritzing sound and the drizzle so they will immediately go away.  Do this as often as possible until they no longer want to go to the plants or scratch your sofa.

Cat toys are very important, they are very active and playful.  Cats like to chase any moving object, even their tails which is so adorable.  If they have a lot of toys to get distracted on they won’t even think of your pretty plants and sofa to scratch.

Spend a lot of time playing with them.  That is how they bond with you especially with kittens.  They’re used to rough play before grooming and before sleeping with their momma cat.  But since you are their cat momma they will treat you like their cat momma too. A little nibble here and there when you play.

Also, invest in sofa covers as protective layers to your sofa.  I have a couple of them it is not just not protect my sofa from kitty scratches but it also keeps my sofa dust and dirt proof. It’s also kids’ mess proof!

Home sweet home
Home sweet home
You can buy these sofa covers here

Your first few weeks will have a lot of small accidental kitty love scratches, it was not intentional. Don’t get so horrified or mad.  The least you can do, if all else fails is cut their nails and put on those fancy silicone kitty nails so you are cat-proof scratch proof!.

I do hope the techniques  I mentioned above cat-proof your home works.  Let me know in the comment section your experiences too!