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7 In-Demand Home Features in Home Improvements since the New Normal

Since the pandemic, everyone was forced to stay at home and do everything inside their houses new home features are seen necessary.   Because of this everyone reassessed their housing needs and realized the need to move to a better place that will allow everyone in the household space to breathe and move freely.

In fact, according to a recent report by Marketwatch, Americans have started to buy new homes and flocked to rural areas as soon as real-estate transactions were allowed to resume.   This was just right after most received their first dose of Covid-19 vaccines.

“Some city residents tired of their cramped apartments and decided to make a permanent move to more rural areas, while others merely opted to purchase second homes to escape to amid the stay-at-home orders,” the report said.

Home improvement has also surged.  A recent survey by revealed that “Over three in four homeowners in the United States have carried out at least one home improvement project since the start of the COVID pandemic,” while the rest will do theirs in the next 12 months.

So what new home features / spaces/corners was added in U.S. home improvements this pre-pandemic?  Here they are :

Home Office

Post pandemic everyone was OK to do small work they brought home at the dining table, the porch or the kids study when necessary.   But since everyone was advised to work at home, this home feature is necessary.  This is to prevent the embarrassing appearance of kids during Zoom meetings, which happened a lot of time to most at the start of the lockdown and work-at-home situations.  It was funny the first few times but not all the time.   Some sort of professionalism still needs to happen and boundaries need to be set.

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Coffee Nooks

Coffee places was a universal hang-out place before covid-19.  People hang-out there for their meetings work or  leisure, you know meet a new girl or guy you just swiped right.  The smell of freshly ground coffee is somehow soothing and so everyone missed it when everything was shut down.  People have started to buy coffee machines they never knew how to use and just learn via YouTube tutorials.  Suddenly everyone has turned a corner in their homes to coffee nooks like a mini-bar of all their coffee needs.  From freshly ground coffee beans, to coffee pods, coffee grinder and milk frother and syrups, just like their old trusty Starbucks!

coffee nooks home features

coffee nook bar home features

Gym or Workout Corners/ Rooms

Gym buffs and health concious ones felt some anxiety when everything including their gym priviledges were halted.  While some have small workout equipments at homes like dumbbells and bars, it was not enough.   A lot of people started buying gym equipments they can put in their homes like treadmills or exercise bike.  Others bought punching bags as an outlet for their frustrations.  Some even bought poles to do pole dancing.  Physical activity is definitely one of the must-have home features.

home gym home features

Home Garden

Pland mommas and plant daddies sprouted during the pandemic. Indoor garden is one of the in-demand home features nowadays.  Everyone has turned their homes into a home jungle.  At first it was ornamental and decorative plants to mimic nature.  Later on people have started to plant vegetables and decided to grow their own food . Thus the need for a bigger space to plant their veggies was needed in the home improvement .

home garden veggie indoor home garden indoor


Before, everyone was just happy to have their groceries in the overhead cabinets of their kitchen or just above the fridge or at under the kitchen island.   But when everyone was forced to stay at home and a lot of places was shut down, people started panic buying and buying more than they actually need.  People want to keep a lot of stock of their food supply in case another lockdown happens.  The need for a bigger space to store the grocery was essential.  A big spacious and organized pantry was what everyone wanted, like a mini-supermarket inside their homes.

home pantry home features

Kids Playground/ Playroom

Kids were the most affected during the pandemic.  They were told not to go out and play even in the public playground.  They no longer see their schoolmates. They no longer have the freedom to run around and play and get dirty and muddy outside.  This actually affected them emotionally and physically.  My daughter became more grumpy during the first few months of the lockdown.  This was because she can no longer run around outside or do walks at the park or even swim at the community pool.  Inflatable pool, slids, swing and trampoline surged .  Home owners with kids wanted a bigger backyard for their kids to play and run around.

kids playroom home features

Bar and Entertainment Center

Weekends and after office hours used to be the favorite time of the the working class.  This is because this is their time to wind down and relax with their friends and let lose some.  But since pandemic, alcohol purchase and partying was not allowed.  When purchase was allowed, everyone want to stock their homes with their favorite alcoholic beverages so they can wind-down at home.   Having a bar at home is now an essential so as they can mimic the look and feel of their go-to  night club to chill.

home cinema home features

Going to theater was also a favorite passtime post pandemic.  This is one of the home features seen as a must shake us out of our stress . It was one of the most affected industries now the entertainment industry.  New movies are now shown on live streaming services .  The need for a bigger TV to mimic the look and feel of watching it in the cinema was something everyone desired.

home office bar dining home features

However, these new home features in home improvements depends on the financial capability of a household and it also depends if they are with or without children.  If you want to know if your income is enough to buy that new home you are eyeing you may want to try this mortgage calculator.

If you have no choice but stay at the place you are in, you can just simply make adjustments in your living spaces to make it multi-functional.  Like turning your dining room area to work/coffee/bar/garden space like this one in the picture.