Experience a Revitalizing Journey to Filipino Heritage at Nawa

Experience a Revitalizing Journey to Filipino Heritage at Nawa

Nawa, named after the Filipino word for “wish,” emerges as an unknown treasure in the heart of Calatagan, functioning as a cultural epicenter that honors the Philippine culture. The sanctuary gracefully combines herbalism, real health regimens, and prehistoric Filipino gastronomy, offering a diverse approach to wellness.

By supporting herbalism, humanity’s first known form of healing, the resort, a proud endeavor of the Araw Hospitality Group, underlines its dedication to time-tested wellness. Nawa serves as a gateway to nature’s therapeutic secrets by utilizing the plentiful local Filipino plants. The Herbal Apothecary is an essential aspect of the retreat, offering traditional herbal therapies such as smudging, a unique way of space purification through energy cleansing. Visitors are also encouraged to take part in the transforming Madre Kakau and Hapé rites, which are reminiscent of Amazonian shamanic healing rituals.

Nawa Wellness

Nawa’s dedication to promoting health extends to a variety of wellness experiences. Accommodations include spacious, airy villas and teepee huts perched on mountain ridges, evoking a beautiful island vibe. The wellness facility offers a variety of facilities, including a full-service spa, meditation studio, sauna, and steam room, all of which promote indulgence and tranquility.

Furthermore, the wellness studio offers a variety of activities such as yoga, mat Pilates, personal training, and circuit training, all of which are proven approaches for reviving latent energy, improving flexibility, and increasing movement and breath consciousness.

When it comes to gastronomic feasts, Nawa intertwines wellness with soul-nourishing food. Dining at Nawa transcends the ordinary, offering Paleo-inspired Filipino meals that resonate with the Philippine’s rich culinary customs by utilizing locally procured ingredients that merge outdoor elements indoors through earthen tones, natural finishing materials, and artisan-crafted ceramic ware.

Every aspect of Nawa’s mission to forge a harmonious healing community anchored in Filipino culture and traditions shines through its offerings. By crafting a space that promotes the conservation of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, Nawa welcomes guests to initiate a wellness journey that forms an integral part of their existence. As visitors saunter through lush canopies and bask in the serene mountain ambiance, they are invited to rekindle their relationship with nature and their inner selves, leaving Nawa with rejuvenated vigor and a profound appreciation for the unique touch, hospitality, and care embodied in Filipino culture.

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