Cultivating Development: A Personal Insight from the Abbott Growth Watch Event

Cultivating Development: A Personal Insight from the Abbott Growth Watch Event


Hey there, fellow moms! I’ve got to share the amazing experience I had at the Abbott Growth Watch event. It was not just informative but left me feeling super inspired about my role in my child’s growth journey. Let me break down the key takeaways for you.

 Two Growth Sprout Moments:

  • First 5 Years: This is a golden window for us moms to lay the foundation for a healthy growth trajectory.
  • What to Focus On: Providing the right nutrition, care, and loads of love – it sets the stage for a lifetime of well-being.
  • Fascinating Insight: Learning about specific nutrients crucial for bone, muscle, and overall development was an eye-opener.
  • Ages 10-15 (Adolescence): It’s not just a phase; it’s a growth spurt that needs our attention.
  • Why it Matters: Discussions highlighted the unique nutritional needs during this rapid growth period.
  • Mom’s Advantage: As a mom, I found the insights invaluable, giving me practical tools to support my child through this crucial time.

Thoughtful and Holistic Approach:

  • Not Just Nutrition: The event emphasized a well-rounded approach.
  • What Stood Out: It’s not just about feeding nutrients; it’s about creating an environment that fosters growth in all aspects – physical, mental, and emotional.
  • Practical Tips: Regular exercise, quality sleep, and a balanced diet are key components for overall growth.

 Empowerment and Responsibility:

  • Feeling Empowered: Walking away from the event, I felt a sense of responsibility and empowerment.
  • Practical Knowledge: It wasn’t just theories; the event gave me actionable advice to incorporate into my daily routine for my child’s optimal growth.

 A Deeper Understanding:

  • Insights That Stick: The event provided a delightful and insightful experience, deepening my understanding of critical growth moments.
  • Equipped for the Journey: With this newfound knowledge, I feel more equipped to guide and support my child on their unique growth journey.

In conclusion, attending the Abbott Growth Watch event was like a mini adventure that armed me with practical tools and a deeper understanding of my child’s growth. Here’s to nurturing the potential within every child and creating a future generation that stands tall in every aspect of life! Cheers to our journey as growth-guiding moms!


Meanwhile , here is the details from the press release 

Global statistics show childhood malnutrition is still a persistent health burden, including in the Philippines.1 According to the Department of Health, 1 in 4 children aged five and below are short for their age or stunted. 2 Abbott is increasing awareness and working together with mom celebrities and communities to tackle stunting among children in the Philippines.


Abbott’s Growth Watch initiative shines a light on childhood stunting, a form of malnutrition. It aims to empower parents to screen for and recognize stunting in their children so that they can improve their children’s nutrition, if needed.


Stunting can challenge a child’s development, impact their overall health and limit their future potential. Children affected by stunting can be at risk of significant immune deficiencies, compromised cognitive function, behavioral problems, diminished bone health, and decreased muscle mass.3 , 4 ,5 , 6 The Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition 2023-2028 identified poor feeding practices and low nutrition literacy among the causes of malnutrition in the country.7 Additionally, 2 in 3 Filipino moms don’t recognize stunting as an important child development issue.8


“There is a clear need to educate parents on the prevalence and impact of childhood stunting on growth and development,” explains Dr. Jose Dimaano Jr., nutrition medical affairs director for Abbott in Pacific Asia. “Early identification of growth issues and quick intervention for children found to be at risk of nutrition deficiency can have a profound impact on the fight against stunting. This is why Abbott is taking a multidisciplinary approach in supporting parents by working with communities and healthcare practitioners to provide tools and information to spot the signs of malnutrition and take action.”


In collaborating with celebrity moms Chesca Kramer, Nadine Samonte, Divine Lee, Nina Corpuz, influencers and online mom communities, Abbott intends to increase awareness of stunting and support parents with tools and educational resources that can help children reach their full growth potential.


”Since its inception in 2021, Growth Watch has educated and reached more than 161,000 families, and the goal is to double the reach by the end of next year,” said Angelico Escobar, general manager of Abbott’s nutrition business in the Philippines. Abbott is driven by our mission to help children have a healthy start and reach their optimal growth. We know that malnutrition is complex and affects children’s growth across all socioeconomic classes. The work of Growth Watch is one of Abbott’s efforts to fight global malnutrition and to help children achieve their growth potential through measurement and proper nutrition.”


In 2021, Abbott launched the Abbott Center for Malnutrition Solutions, an initiative to reduce malnutrition. The center, a collaboration between Abbott and external experts and partners, is focused on the identification, treatment and prevention of malnutrition for the most vulnerable populations in the world including children, aging adults and under-resourced populations. The Growth Watch initiative also contributes toward Abbott’s 2030 Sustainability Plan goal to transform care for malnutrition, chronic and infectious diseases.


As part of the Growth Watch initiative, parents and guardians are invited to join mom communities to establish the habit of measuring their children’s height, and provide proper nutrition to safeguard the growth, well-being and development of children across the country. Tools and resources available include:



Nutrition plays a crucial role in addressing malnutrition and stunting challenges. Addressing undernutrition early can help mitigate growth issues and ensure children reach their full developmental capacity. For children who do not get enough nutrients through food alone, nutrition supplements, such as PediaSure Plus, can help fill some of the gaps. The oral nutritional supplement, recommended by doctors, is formulated with 37 key growth nutrients including natural vitamin K2 and arginine to support 1.5 times faster growth in 8 weeks and strong bones.6


For more information on the growth tools and resources, visit


For free growth assessment and nutrition counseling, register online or by calling Abbott’s

Careline – Metro Manila: (02) 8995-1555 and PLDT toll free hotline: 1-800-10-995-1555.

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