When my daughter reached her biological teenage years ,.playhouses started to not accept her in anymore coz they say she’s old . It was heartbreaking coz she loves these play places. Luckily we discovered Hatch a non discriminatory regardless of age playhouse for kids with autism. My daughter has autismContinue Reading

Caring for a child with autism is difficult if you think it is difficult. If the parent is not mentally strong, the child can never think of surviving in this cruel world. So, the first care tip for the parents here is; be strong. Listed below are other tips thatContinue Reading

I grew up in a household full of kids. Well OK it was a compound/aparmemt complex where almost all my father’s siblings live except for one. Therefore I grew up with a lot of playmates and love and affection from my relatives. I had a great childhood. As I writeContinue Reading

‘A couple of years ago, during the time I started this blog, every 2nd day of April is the World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD).   I am so excited to announce that our allies in the world are now shifting from autism awareness campaign to autism acceptance this year 2013. Continue Reading