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Angels Walk for Autism 2020 More than A Decade After

It was in 2009 when Tasha and I started joining the Angels Walk for Autism, the walk was just on their second year then.  Back then, the walk was about autism awareness, to make people understand what this lifelong developmental exceptionality which challenges an individuals ability to communicate, socialize and adapt to the world around […]

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Real Angels in our Midst: Autism Angels Walk Feels like Heaven

Do you believe in angels? Have you seen one before? I do and I have seen thousands yesterday. One of them lives with me. She has always been a sweetheart and a blessing in disguise to the family since she came into our lives.

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Wishing for a Better Childhood

I grew up in a household full of kids. Well OK it was a compound/aparmemt complex where almost all my father’s siblings live except for one. Therefore I grew up with a lot of playmates and love and affection from my relatives. I had a great childhood. As I write this I can’t help but […]

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Building & Strengthening Language Skills & Managing Behavior Problems Seminar

Autism affects 1 out of 150 children today but understanding the most effective techniques to help can be confusing to many. How do you build language skills in children with autism? How do you decrease behavior problems?  These are just some of the pressing questions parents and caregivers of children with autism face everyday. Here […]

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Make The Rights Real For Persons With Autism

Today is the World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) as declared by the United Nations in December 2007.  The theme this year is “Make the Rights Real for Persons with Autism”. Sadly, most families afflicted with autism in the country hardly know of their rights or even bother to claim such rights because of the red tape […]

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