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#WIWTD 74: BenCab Museum & Tam-Awan Village

If you want something to be timeless, valuable and a contribution to society and culture, turn it into Art.   David Dory As part of our #aftersummer trip to Baguio City we visited the famous BenCab Museum Baguio where I was over stimulated with a lot of precious works of arts that are part of […]

Fashion Travel & Culture

#WIWTD 72 Mangyan Village and White Beach

For our second day at Puerto Galera we visited the Mangyan Village and the White Beach. This bougainvillea (bongga ng villa lolz) welcoming guests at the Mangyan Village, is just to pretty to ignore! It This amazing bridge was made of pure bamboo supposedly over a river but the river has dried! View by the […]


#WIWTD 70: In My Element

There comes a time in our life that we become at peace with ourselves and the universe that we just glow with happiness. I feel I have come to age and in my element. This was a stolen shot taken during the TOMS Without Shoes event held at BGC where participants like me willingly took […]

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