Cap My Impulse

Resolution #2 Not Get Too Emotional

Could you tell by the previous writings how emotional I can get?

When somebody tells you that you are being too emotional per se is an insult but well, I would rather be true to my feelings than keep silent for long, as the famous line told during wedding ceremonies “… or forever hold your peace!”.

Well keeping quiet when you know you did wrong or you did someone wrong, keep something secret or feel offended, hurt, sad or happy will never ever guarantee peace. One way or another that secret will come out. The truth will always surface.

Anyway, I am not about secret bashing or being too revealing, mystery sometimes is appealing. However, if you are not used to being secretive to yourself or like someone very dear told me can “cap your impulse” it is very difficult and constipating at times that you feel you are being untruthful to yourself and to others and there will be an awkward silence or talks. To live in harmony with others you must have inner peace. (Wait I think I’m being off topic!)

According to good ole Wikipedia:

Emotion is a biological arousal produced in response to a stimulus. An emotion is a “complex reaction pattern, involving experiential, behavioral, and physiological elements, by which the individual attempts to deal with a personally significant matter of event.”[1] It arises without conscious effort and is either positive or negative in its valence.

Other closely related terms are:

· affect, a synonym for emotion

· affect display, external display of emotion

·disposition, referring to a durable differentiating characteristic of a person, a tendency to react to situations with a certain emotion

·feeling, which usually refers to the subjective, phenomenological aspect of emotion

·mood, which refers to an emotional state of duration intermediate between an emotion and a disposition

Well there you go. I don’t need to elaborate that. Judging from that alone I believe I might need a psychologist to be able to restrain my emotion.I already admitted to the fact that I can be very impulsive and irrational when my negative emotion takes over. Being logical, considerate and rational does not apply when I am at the height of these downbeat sentiments.Then I wish for self-improvement, I only had the power over me and nobody else.

Ok! Another revision to my resolutions to at least try to inhale and exhale 100 times before reacting to a particular event that triggered any one of the eight primary emotions: anger, fear, sadness, happiness, disgust, curiosity/interest, surprise, and acceptance . In short, “Think and breathe before you act and react!

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