Ain’t she precious! Look at her eyes. I can’t accept that she has mild autism though but yeah she is quite different from others who at this age are good talkers already. She can say words randomly but can’t compose a sentence or put her thoughts into words. But she is very smart, sneaky and very very pretty. She can do the things she sees everyone does but she does make her grandma scream lots haha!

A very long-time-not-seen friend messaged me at Friendster after I posted the question about why men keep pictures. He made me laugh at what he said telling me that yeah I’m quiet indeed beautiful but I’m so timid and shy like everyone’s would like to eat me! LMAO!

An acquaintance I met with some projects I did in the past named me something very funny at Facebook’s Friends For Sale application… “UNITY funded deal” … if you know Philippine politics you will laugh out loud out of sarcasm and the irony of it!

This is my cat Miming (remember the stray cat who went knocking on our gate to get adopted) She is getting big and look at her she is reading a magazine. I ain’t joking she was reading! I thought she was just playing with some flying things or her shadow but after a while it seems she’s not she was reading. She was done reading the other page before I decided to take her picture ain’t she amazing!
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