My New Me Resolutions

I know it’s too early, Christmas is not over yet but I am in a hurry for a new years resolution. Well, I wanna write down things I want to change about me, things I hate about me that I want to get rid off this coming year 2008 and add some more if there more things that comes to mind. Besides I’m turning 30 next month a New Year and New Life. New everything! Cheers to the new me! I hope! God give me strength! Amen!

1) Hold my tongue
2) Not get too emotional
3) Stop being judgmental
4) Never expect
5) Procrastinate less
6) Care less about meaningless stuff and people
7) Control my temper
8) Be more humble
9) Quit negativity

I read somewhere that if you want things change or if you hate the things going around you its because of your perspective. So you have to change the way you view things and change things within your control and not the people or things around you that you have no control over.
Just want to share what an acquaintance sent me through text I love it here’s how it goes;
There was a man who saw a bee floundering around in the water, he decided to save it by stretching out his finger but the bee stung him. The man still tried to get the bee out of the water, but the bee stung him again. Another man told him to stop, but he said: “It is in the nature of bees to sting. It is my nature to care, why should I give up?”

Don’t give up caring. Don’t give up doing good things even if people around you sting!


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