I don’t do drugs or have any specific addiction (hmmm wait I think I am semi-addicted to the computer). Anyway, I’m just here to say that temporary highs doesn’t take away whatever is bothering you. You may forget it now but after the high dies down so will you go back into remembering all the worries in your life and everything that frustrates you. It is still there and it will be there until you do something permanent to pluck it away permanently.

Is death a permanent solution to one’s problem? Once you die, on the so-called next life or life after death (if there is such) will you still have to deal with the same memories that you have escaped from after your death in this present life? Or death ends it all for that particular person when he or she dies?

There is no one person who will ever answer true if asked about what life or whose life would they choose to be if they had the chance to choose. Everyone will still choose the life they had or who they are now. Me, I would wish to have a similar life as Paris Hilton, pampered, spoiled and has all material wealth. A Paris Hilton minus the personal torments she has or had. She probably dealt with drugs, sex and some other thing I did not have to deal at the present. Nevertheless, it appears to me even if she seem robotic to me (not much brain and free will and emotionless) I would rather be a little less brainy as I am; I know too much sometimes I miss my innocence.

But really, inside I am screaming “I want to claim my life back!” How? I don’t know it’s a mystery.

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  1. I guess we just have to make the most of what we have in this lifetime. We can’t have everything we want so let’s just be contented and thankful with what we have.

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