Controversial and Juicy News Straight from the Philippines

I guess I can’t stay away from the news, it’s my lifeblood already, no matter how I despise the negativity that surrounds it, I guess they are right, people love gossip and scandals and stuff. Why? I don’t know it’s a mystery, it’s like asking when will the sun set on the East.

Anyway, here are the news rolls that caught my interest:

This particular news caught my interest because my Kumare (she’s one of the godmother of my daughter) Lora (a researcher for I-witness)was interviewed by my reporter friend Ruth Cabal on GMA 7 report in Saksi. It interests me more because it was about a controversial blog involving well known celebrities and socialites here in the Philippines, they were tagged as “The Gucci Gang” . The juicy gossip comes from an Australian blogger Brian and his revenge to get his money being duped by his lover of huge sums of money $40,000 for allegedly a restaurant they will open here in Manila, particularly in the Greenhills area . Read more about the controversy.

I’m smug about the “Walk for Truth” of some of the Philippine Senator because of the alleged siding of the Philippine Supreme Court in suppressing the truth against the ZTE, National Broadband Deal scandal. The Supreme Court barred the senators to ask the 3 crucial questions to Ched Chairman Romulo Neri. Nothing will be ever accomplished by these things for one too many selfish motives and they have an incredible witness. Whose truth again?

The Rice Crisis! Nobody wants to be a farmer anymore, as reported, because the younger generations of the farmers don’t want to go farming but go to school and have a degree or go to Manila where the pastures are greener, so they think. In lieu with that the ever famous Rice Terraces in Benguet that was included in the man-made wonders of the world will soon be extinct. Philippines now imports rice from Thailand and USA! (Allegedly the rice they imported is genetically modified and Filipino’s will be the guinea pig for this breed of rice, YIKES!). The news bannered how hard it is to buy cheaper rice these days, lines are longer and daunting compared to the tagging along games I got from blogging. Government rice is P15 kilo, the imports are P25 a kilo, consumer rice is P32-35 a kilo and was said to reach P75 a kilo. OMG!

Gabby Conception! Yes he is back in the country with another controversy. Getting full payment for a movie he was suppose to do with Jolina Magdangal and filmed in Europe under GMA 7 films. But instead Gabby went home, had an interview with Boy Abunda in the competitor network ABS-CBN.

Had enough? I have.

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  1. earthlingorgeous

    oh cool jade… hmmm do you have a spare room or know a house we can rent in palawan we plan to stay for a month probably june -july or august period somewhere in between

  2. Pinay Jade

    Yeah I won’t need to hear any of it, I’ve had my fill thanks to you.
    Maybe not for half a year…we will be there in July I think so I’m sure I can catch up with the exciting news from the Ph.

  3. earthlingorgeous

    hahahahaha Pie we have such an active country don’t you think so?

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