Do Grammar Checker Tools Work?

Do you think you write fairly well? Well good for you. I think I do too. LMAO.

Ordinary people think I write well and I’ve been complimented about it a lot of times. But if you ask a couple or even a handful of English language professionals they will mock me right now. I believe I don’t have a flawless copy, it takes somebody else to pin point my errors. Even if I read my copy ten times I may edit some but, I will not be able to achieve a grammar error free copy.

Honestly, I don’t give a crap about it, although I wish I could write flawlessly. Microsoft Word doesn’t guarantee a perfect copy as it only performs mathematical checks of words and sentences and often suggest wrong versions or corrections.

I have yet to find grammar software that works, if there is any at all that exist. Even human grammar checkers can be unreliable too. Ask five different proofreaders/editors to find the grammatical errors to this post and I guarantee they will give different answers and versions, with some similarities in some point.

What’s important about writing, I believe, is that the people you write for understand you and you get the message across and effectively. My assumption based on the literacy rate worldwide, which is 78.6 percent, only 10 to 15 percent (and that’s a generous estimate) of it has flawless grammar error free English.

Unfortunately, the only way to prevent this is learn grammar. Unlike spell checkers (which are – let’s face it – brilliant), modern grammar checkers are full of holes – huge ones.

But if you insist you can try Grammar Monster and Spell Checker Plus side-by-side with Microsoft Word, they are very helpful.


  1. I’ve never been able to find a grammar checker that is really accurate. I think we’re all human and it’s not possible to be perfect. As long as you’re not making mistakes all over the place I think people are pretty understanding.

  2. and just a thought, writers have editors editors have publishers now who edits the publishers? 😛 lol

  3. Yeah I definitely agree Pie 🙂

    Cool where do you write? 😀 but this tools can help those who want to learn, this spell checker I tried it gives tips and explanations of what you did wrong and will ask you what you really mean so it’s cool.

  4. Yeah Keli,
    Not all are very good in grammar even those native speakers I know an American born and raised there parents are Americans too but doesn’t know the meaning of some words commonly used. makes me laugh a bit coz I’m not a native enlish speaker but I know more 😛

  5. yes, evita, I think I believe one should write sincerely and clearly grammar not much matter but of course for writers they should at least have errors to minimal if not flawless right 🙂

    this tools can help a lot, I think.

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