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Hah! I knew it Brookes time to say goodbye at the American Idol, good! Because if she stays and Syesha will be booted out, I will never ever believe that America knows talent (sorry that was harsh). As always David Cook rocks! But I got this itsy bitsy not good feel that he may not be the idol because it seems the other David (Archuleta) is the judges and one of the viewers’ favorite. I have nothing against him, he is really good but I still vouch for DC! He makes me shriek and melt whenever he sings. He is so good!

Dang, what happened to Jason Castro! I think he is next to be booted (I hope!) I mean no offense to his fans (I am one of them) why not he is so charming! But his performance this week and singing ability and flexibility, he is not meant to be included in the top 3. Sorry.

I wasn’t able to see the elimination night of American Idol though, it was raining real hard today, the first rain in May . There was an old wives tale here in Philippines about the first rain in May. The old folks believe that it has healing “powers”. So, as usual, me, the ever believer of most superstitious let my daughter out and play in the rain. Of course, she loves it!

She reminds me when I was a little girl in the old neighborhood I grew up with. I love the rain! I go out and bathe in the rain with my playmates. My older brothers’ friend, who was our choir instructor, used to tell the story of me running around in the rain with just my underwear with my other choir members. It was embarrassing because I used to be so prim and proper with them. Used to be is the keyword. Hahaha!

Rallies and violence marks May Day celebration worldwide. In Berlin thousands of marchers gathered in Hamburg to call for more workers’ rights, while protesters in Turkey were met with police batons and water cannon.
In Russia, marchers called for economic equality, and in Cuba residents hoped their president would offer up more changes.

May 1 is known in Germany and elsewhere as the unofficial International Workers’ Day and is typically marked with demonstrations and rallies that can sometimes turn violent.

In Istanbul, Turkish riot police used clubs, tear gas and water cannon to break up crowds of workers and students trying to reach a main square for a Labor Day rally that had been banned by the government.

Six police officers were injured, 467 demonstrators were detained. Thousands of police were on the street after Turkish unions said they would defy the government and hold May Day celebrations in Istanbul’s Taksim square, which had been the scene of violent protests decades ago.

Officials set up barricades in and around the square where May Day celebrations have been banned since 1977, when unknown gunmen opened fire on demonstrators, killing 37 people.

In the Philippines, a peaceful rally by labor groups was held and the president announced the 10 percent wage hike for government workers, but of course they are not satisfied.

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  1. yeah I definitely agree if they booted out Syesha never ever believe in American Idol again huh… but I still want David Cook to win haha!

  2. lol – hubz says that if Syesha gets booted off, he will never watch Idol again.

    That girl rocks!

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