I admit I sucked poorly in the patience arena. I can’t help to be a little envious of little successes my friends or any people I know, especially when they get things they dreamt of. How I wish I get mine too.

Envy is such an evil thing; it makes us blind to see what we already have that others don’t. We should remind ourselves that we can never be like others and others can never be us. There are things we have that they don’t and vice versa. That is how life works; we just have to learn to deal with this truth.

There are things in life that no matter how much we want to have it we can never get. Trying will just break you. Sometimes we have to let go.

How do you know when it’s time to call it quits? How can you tell if you’re holding on too long? How can you tell that you giving up too soon?

Do you believe that our destiny has been laid to us even before we are born that whatever we do, no matter how hard we try if what we’re aiming for is not meant for us, we can never ever have it?

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  1. Yup I know Jade, that was a trip she had and yeah I envy her especially for being able to snag a pic of Victoria Beckham!!! aaaaaaaaaaah!

    One of the place I dreamed of going ever since was Europe. I’m going there someday soon.

    Hahahaha Pie, yeah I had this blog just couple months, I think joining those meme (tag games) helps drive traffic 🙂 haha!

    I envy your writing!

  2. I envy Jade. I really do. You know blogger Jade, right?
    She just got back from Europe, I think.
    And she has a huge traffic on her blog.
    I also envy you. I think you have your blog up for only a couple of months but you have a lot of traffic. What am I doing wrong????

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