Are There Really No Good Men Left?

I went to a bookstore the other day to buy me a new notebook and I passed by this shelf full of books for sale over 60% off. I couldn’t resist but dig in. I found three interesting books I would like to buy (I’ll tell you about them later), but I bought just one book and I bought it not for myself but for my sister (she’s gonna kick my ass for sure!)

The book is Why There Are No Good Men Left by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead and I bought it because of it’s catchy introduction almost the same words my sister used to tell me when we were about to watch a movie.

It was intended for thirty-something perplexed single women whose career is flourishing and who is ready to settle down and raise a family, but who is unmarried with no good prospects for marrying anytime soon.This book is for the women out there who spent their twenties getting ahead and now is wondering why there seems to be no good men left for her.

Here are some excerpts from the book flap: Today’s young women enjoy a wide range of choice in their intimate relationships. They are freer than women in the past to affirm and act upon the truth that the realm of human affection encompasses more than heterosexual marriage and children. And because well educated women now enjoy greater economic independence and more life options, the do not have to “settle’ for a less desirable mate simply to fulfill social expectations or out of sheer necessity.

I bet she would agree with this and all other single thirty-something women out there who are on top of their career but at the bottom of their love-lives. The answer to the question posted by the book and a bunch of women out there always got to be “All good men are taken, and I don’t want someone who is taken!”
But of course the desire to fulfill their physiological make-up, that is to become a mother and a wife, a happy home maker etc., is still there, ergo the search, the emptiness and the question lingers.

The book also reads: “Today’s young women are delaying their entry into marriage, they are not waiting to have sex until they are approaching, or have reached their wedding day. Women’s early sexual relationships are less likely to be connected to the expectation and the promise of marriage than they were in the past. Sexual experience has become part of a normative process of adolescent self-development rather than an initiatory event that is closely linked to the timing of first marriage.”

Why are there no good men left? And why there are lots of single women out there. Because these women have set their standards so high …or it appears that they have set their standards so high to everyone around that … but in truth if the right man comes or rather I would say if the braver/courageous man comes forward… even if they are just half the man these women dreamed off or the requirements she has set for herself as her Mr. Right…these women can drop everything just to have this wonderful chance of a fairy-tale romance (and they live happily ever after).

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