A couple minutes ago I had a nervous breakdown, it was an ugly one. I hyperventilated and screamed to the top of my lungs and now my throat hurts and I barely got a voice. I had an ugly argument with someone since Friday morning that went on until yesterdayContinue Reading

I’m sure everyone heard about this one liner before. “Always a bridesmaid never a bride”. It’s about the single ladies who are always bridesmaid to all her best friends and relatives wedding. She catches the bridal bouquet in most of the occasions believing she will be the next bride butContinue Reading

L-R: My bestfriend Christine (eldest), Jonalyn (2nd oldest), Len-len (youngest/bride), Reby-Ann (third), Ruby-Ann(fourth) I attended a wedding this afternoon, the youngest sister of my bestfriend’s wedding to be exact. Being there seeing her little sister getting married made me realize that I am old! Yeah, I didn’t realize my ageContinue Reading

Contrary to the popular adage, trust is not earned but cultivated. Once it’s broken, it’s like Humpty Dumpty, you can never put it back together again. Someone who was betrayed will become very fragile like a landmine. One small step to a sensitive part and it will explode. It’s becomesContinue Reading

“You cannot live on promises. You can go on believing them for a while, perhaps even for many years. But if you are to really live life to the fullest, those important promises that were made to you will need to become reality. The man who promised you fidelity andContinue Reading

While I am working double time to get my daughter in the “normal” plane, people nowadays seems to have become autistic with the advent of technology. In the streets you’d see people with headsets/head phones plugged in their ears. There were a couple I accidentally bumped in during the rushContinue Reading

“Should one be looking for one’s soul mate? The answer is no. Soul mates will meet when it’s time for them to meet. And once they do, no force on earth can ever separate them. They will recognize each other and there will be no guilt feelings in the relationship.”Continue Reading

I once read somewhere that a woman needs a reason to cheat, while a man just do it. But I have heard all the most absurd excuse for doing so including “we were having problems then so I did it” close to saying “we were having problems then and IContinue Reading