Fun Blog Catalog Members Contest

On the photo: Model Elaine

On the photo Ursentiment

Entry by Dani

Entry by Arvind

On the photo Anniepooh

On the photo Barry

On the Photo Pamela Baker

Entry by Lono

Entry by Chelle

On the photo Julyalim

Entry by Anthonybest

Entry by Dani

Entry by Mikermcmillen

Entry by Newward

Photo entry by Kevin

Entry by Natasha

Entry by PetLvr

Entry by ChicaX

Entry by Olgatravelingbra
Ok! I’ll be hosting a Fun Blog Catalog Members Contest. It’s all for fun so everyone can just sit back and relax and let the pictures do the talking.

So far the categories are:

1) In person photographs
2) Cartoons/Animals/Graphic Designs/Caricature
3) Avatar look-a-like
b) Male
4) Craziest/Wackiest Photo

Prize is $10 that will be paid through Paypal. Dani of momscrazylife will be dedicating a whole month of free ad
vertisement space 125×125 on her page for the winner of the Craziest Photo.

Those who are interested to donate a prize or do a sponsorship (dedicate an ad-space, entrecard etc. or any cash or kind) is definitely accepted, the more the merrier.

Nominations and suggestions (for other categories and prizes) are open (you can either nominate yourself or nominate another blogger for any of the categories, nominations for each category is allowed.)

Those who are interested to join can post a large picture of themselves and indicate the entry you would like the photo to be included.

3 thoughts on “Fun Blog Catalog Members Contest

  1. Woohoooooooooo the contest is getting in shape! Thanks everyone for the support!

  2. Awesome – look at that pretty horse. What a colt! They braid there hair like that for the post parade on big racing days. The grooms do it in the barn before the race. Then, one the jockey climbs aboard, he picks apart the braids to give him enough mane to hold onto when they start zipping around at 40 MPH on the track. : )

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