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Goshes! That’s not my intro but Mr. John Sullivan of Bloganese. He was kind and generous enough to invite me to be on the roll of bloggers he think will make it big/ succesful bloggers that he features on his site.

Bloganese is a slang term for blogger talk. He profile successful bloggers and expose them to the world. If you want exposure just visit Bloganese and find out how you can be profiled like me.

This acknowledgment alone like all other recognition I get from blogging gives me more inspiration to blog some more because people actually notice my blog and appreciate what I am doing.

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  1. Did you know that if everyone in the world had your attitude there would never be any wars,murders,people would love each other could you imagine? I know you can but it would Be nice if the other 6 billion people did.
    Your the best Thanks

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