I’m Gonna Miss This…

I found this new Meme at Pam’s page and I love the idea so much I think I’ll do it more often and not just on Saturdays!

YGMT...moment 2_thumb[2]

This is how you play. You post a “Your Gonna Miss This…Moment” of your choice on your blog and then link the exact post back here and enter it in the box below. Then leave me a comment. Feel free to copy my little picture above.

If you do not have a blog. Feel free to leave your moment in the comment box for us to read anyway.

Your moments can be past or present. Tell us what you already miss or what you know you will!

This is what I’m gonna miss:

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008? My dad would not be in the Christmas family pictures anymore because he has gone before us this July. Christmas won’t ever be the same from now on. My sis might not be here for Christmas too because she is now in Dubai. So definitely this is my “You’re gonna miss this moment”. Sigh.
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  1. Yeah it is a really good one Maddy. Like remembering those good ole days.

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