My #Plantita #PlantEartha Journey – How I Grow my Plant Collection in 1 Week + My Parents with Green Thumbs

my #plantita #plantEartha journey

It’s almost two weeks since I started my own #plantita journey. Plantita is a term people use these days for  women who are into the hobby of gardening.   Mine started when I posted on my social media that I think I need and want some plants to liven up my new place.  In a matter […]

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I Miss you, Mama !

I miss you Mama

Happy Mother’s Day Mama ! I hope you can read this. I miss your silly singing because of your funny lyrics. I miss your funny anecdotes and savage commentaries. I miss your weird Ilocana dishes. I miss you Mama. I hope that even we only “see” and “talk” to each other very few, I spark […]

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The 30 Days Challenge – Things to do During the Metro Manila Lock Down and 8PM Curfew

For a work-from-home individual and a child with autism who only does ADL this curfew and lock-down a.k.a. community quarantine or social distancing is not new for us. But for the rest, the suspension of classes will make them uneasy  and perhaps bored. In case you are from out of this world, the whole world […]

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Earthlingorgeous 4.2 — the Revamp

As I woke up this morning I decided to make some changes in the blog. I want it to be more intimate again and personal, less of commercial, ergo a revamp. It doesn’t mean no advertorials anymore, of course there will be. As mom like ms has to work and hustle double to pay the […]

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11 Years

Eleven years ago, I lost my father. It was one of the saddest and helpless days of my life. I have not told this story on this blog.  I hate pity parties, especially for me.  But today , as I look at my Facebook I saw my status and I realized how sad I was […]

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