My Opinion Mattered

Maybe it’s not a big thing for others but to me it’s more than enough for me to continue with my rantings in here. It means that MY BLOG and MY OPINION mattered and that I in some way make sense. I make sense not just to me but to others too. I feel very overwhelmed by this, it makes me happy.
This blog was cited at a blog administered by one of the big 3 major newspapers in the country, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and they quoted my blog in the Blogs regarding the post I made about The War in Mindanao, MILF and BJE. The part where they quoted me was way down the article almost at the end of the post.

They quoted the part of my post where I was kinda skeptic about the “War” in Mindanao that has ceased a bit for now because the Muslims are celebrating one of their sacrilege Ramadan:

“As Earthly Explorations puts it (who is not for a separate Moro homeland),

The government is trying to make it appear as it was the Moro rebels fault that they hit the first strike but if you hear other sources especially the locals they were just protecting their properties. Who was taking what from whom? Or someone is maneuvering into something to make it appear as a religious war diverting the people’s attention?”

Now, this inspires me more to blog about anything and everything on Earth that interest me and I get my message across, all my earthly thoughts, which is the point of this blog, and not just traffic and income(which is just an icings on my cakes, LMAO!).

All I can say to Blogs, I thank you!

My say about the same issue can also be found in some Malaysian website All Voices compiling all news related to the peace talk and my two post in here are in the top 20 (#6 Why Don’t We Just Give The Moro Their Homeland and #20 The War in Mindanao, MILF and BJE)

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