Tackling My Petulance

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
It’s barely Tuesday I know it’s just hohum Monday but in advance and to kick-off the Ber months I am going to tackle my petulance.

I am so irritable lately that I feel I am going over the top, I can barely control my temper and I simply get annoyed at almost anything someone or something do or say that I simply have to annoy back.

Basically I get less sleep than the average person my age a major loss in just barely two months ago. I believe I need help and I need it now.

I found this interesting online quiz that will give you an assessment of your Hormonal Health Profile based on your answers to very simple questions that will take a look on;

a) What is your body telling you?
b) What demands are you making of your body.
c) What kind of support are you giving your body.
d) And a bit information of your medical condition (if any).

Questions will be like:

1) My menstrual periods are irregular (click mild, moderate or severe)
4) I have difficulty falling asleep (click mild, moderate or severe)

Not as surprised as I think I will be but compared to a million profiled by this website on my age group, my hormonal imbalance symptoms rank in the severe category stating that the demands I place on my body are severe and the support I give myself is seriously inadequate.

Important note was that if I don’t try to improve my physical and emotional well-being now, I could experience more serious problems in the future, which is what I want to avoid, hence the research on this matter.

I guess I don’t need to be told about that because personally I know about these things, the problem is there too little I can do about it.

But of course if there is a will, there is a way, I would like to thank Women to women for having this personal assessment readily available as I am really bothered by my very frequent bouts of irritability.

Their recommendation to improve my hormonal imbalance includes:
1) Taking a medical-grade multivitamin designed for women every day. Like additional calcium/magnesium and essential fatty acid supplements.
2) Phytotherapy or the use of plants and herbs to naturally coax the body into hormonal balance.
3) Change in my diet where I should minimize the intake of carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods and increase in intake of vegetables, fruits and healthy sources of fats and proteins.
4) Try to find an exercise program I enjoy and consider learning some basic stress reduction techniques.

It all sound very easy to follow. I’ll do them ASAP and give you some feedbacks and updates. If you are feeling just about the same as I am and you don’t know why or wish to do something about it I would recommend you taking the quiz yourself and see your Hormonal Health Profile. Good luck.

Just a little fun thingy I found on Make-up Diva’s Site:

This is what my baby with Brad Pitt will look like:

My baby with Orlando Bloom

With Justin Timberlake

With Will Smith

This lightened my day really. Try yours too it’s FUN! 🙂

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  1. All I got to say is take are of yourself, and oh ya…you defly make some cute ass babies…
    –miss ya–

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