The Philippines Has 3 Seasons

Yes, you read that right, the Philippines has three (3) seasons and not just two (2) as known . Aside from the rainy seasons (wet and floody also known as the typhoon season) and summer (sun, sun, fun and beach) we have the Ber/Christmas season.

Yes, you read that again right, Ber slash Christmas season and it only happens here in the Philippines. We don’t know who started it and when it started but when the Ber months starts (months ending in Ber like September, October, November and December) the country feels the pinch of Christmas.

Malls have their last quarter of the year sale, radio stations play Christmas songs occasionally and some stores starts selling and displaying Christmas decorations (I am guilty of purchasing a table runner the other day and almost purchase a Christmas dinner ware starter set with Santa Claus design.)

I don’t know but something about Christmas that makes Pinoys look forward to the holiday season that we want to stretch out that one day when everyone feels good because of the festive ambiance with all the food and gift to pass around and enjoy. It brings out the child in everyone. Until the actual day comes when everyone is harassed with all the preparation (especially the moms) who just want a perfect Christmas.

But of course not everyone looks forward for this day because it makes them nostalgic. Actually, I feel a pinch of sadness now that I think of it. My Dad is no longer here to celebrate with us and I am still not sure if my sister will be with us for Christmas and even my brother who said he might be in Macau to work by December. OK, I better stop at this point because this one is supposedly a jolly post and not a sob one.

So, as I was saying the Philippines third season has officially begun and to start the season right, San Miguel Corporation will attempt a bid for the Guiness World Book of Record for the longest beer bar and the most number of people toasting.

I am so lucky to have a view of the venue as they construct it and I will definitely be there! Look at that, they’ve closed the whole stretch of Lourdes St. in Ortigas since Wednesday putting up the tents. This was taken yesterday, Thursday. Just seeing their preparations makes me excited for the event.

So if you guys have nothing to do tonight (Friday, September 5, 2006 8pm onwards) and tomorrow (Saturday, September 6, 2008 6am) come and join me and San Miguel Beer OctoBerFest (should have been OctoBEERFest!)

There will be a parade of floats, dancers and musician to open the event at 2pm (yippee! I get to view everything from my office window!) A grand fireworks display to kick off the night activities at 9pm.

Fun events to look forward to like beat the Champs game in boxing, billiards and basketball. Jam with your favorite local Filipino bands (all 20 of them!). Watch THIRD EYE BLIND Live in concert. Most importantly did I forget to tell you? Be part of the team to beat the Guinness World Record

Be the first to taste the San Miguel Oktoberfest Brew in the Special Oktoberfest Marquee. It’s the grandest and the biggest party of the year, so be there!

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  1. lol@ber … that’s cute.

    We still have Halloween and Thanksgiving to get thru here in Canada 🙂

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