What To Do With Old Underwear

For Tackle it Tuesday and Talk About it Tuesdays meme (TIT for TAT) I tackled my underwear drawer, as I was tackling my dresser earlier right before my eyes I saw three drawers full of undergarments. I started sorting them out to the ones I use frequently (my favorites) and organize them to those I use going out and ones I use at home. Yes I have separate underwear at home and going out! Yes, I am an underwear freak, if you want to put it that way. But no I won’t show you the pictures because it’s bit private (hahahaha!) and I wanna keep my privacy or at least my undergarments private. Hahahaha!

No they are not my underwear those were displays on an underwear shop here. I am not that bold and would be too embarrassed to display mine on public!

After sorting them out, I was left with two drawers and another full of underwear’s I don’t plan to use anymore for: a) my boobs got bigger some are too tight already to hurt my tender bossoms! (HA!); b) some have loose garters, holes and stains that I don’t want to use anymore and ready for throwing!

But wait, do I really want to throw out all these discarded underwear’s? Wait a minute! What if some crazy perverted people got hold of this garbage of mine and get hold of my old undies God knows what he will do with them! Scary thought really, I can be paranoid sometimes!Well, I have thought of some ideas I can make use of them other than throwing them out: (which is a good post topic for Try This Tuesday meme)A) For hopeless old underwear, loose garters, holes in the right (wrong) places and stains you can tear them to pieces to make small cut even sizes, remove the snaps, hook and eyes or anything hard on brassieres.

1) make them throw pillow fillings to make them more fluff
2) make new throw pillows or display pillows (different size and shapes)
3) make some rags
4) and for those crafty enough people out there make some rag dolls or stuff toys filling

B) Donate to homeless people. Yes, this can be an option too. I would never thought of until recently I met my older sisters landlady. I was helping my sister move out and I found a box full of underwear so I asked her what she will do with it. She said she will leave it there because the landlady collects old underwear’s. “WHAT!” to my surprise. Well, a valid non-perverted reason behind this was her landlady accommodates poor, street, and homeless children every week at her place and gives them stuff she and her friends do not use but are still in good condition.

So what do you think? Am I genius or what? I bet you haven’t thought much about them right? But really how about you, what do you do with your old underwear’s?

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