A Feel Good Movie For Family Movie Nights

My family likes to watch movies especially on a week nights and there’s nothing good on the TV. Since most of us are adults now we like to watch suspense-horror movies and sci-fi movies. It’s fun to see the reaction of each family member to every breath taking scene.

It is a great bonding moment with the family, especially at the end of the movie when we talk about what happened in the movie, if we loved it or not and what is our favorite scene in the movie we just watched.

Now that we have a little girl in the family, I try to watch some movies that she would also enjoy and connect and learn some values along the way, movies that have positive messages at the end so a child could learn more about life from trusting, believing in themselves, how to overcome obstacles in life and knowing that a family member will always be there to pick us up when we fall.

If you are looking for another feel good movie All Roads Lead Home The Movie should be included in your list, it is the perfect family night movie.

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  1. The previews rocked. But I think it is too emotionally charged for my 5 yr old daughter.

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