Superstitions on Christmas Decorations

I am kinda believer on some superstitions but, I have never ever practiced nor heard any superstitions regarding Christmas except for the one involving the Midnight Mass. They said that if you complete all the nine nights/early morning mass before Christmas God will grant you a wish.

I think it’s true, before I had my daughter I used to complete all nine masses and had wishes granted. I wish to complete a mass after my daughter but it’s kinda hard to do, so I will wish to be able to attend all midnight mass someday soon in the near future.

Anyway, I was browsing friends post and profiles on my facebook and read a note posted by a friend and it was interesting. It’s all about superstitions regarding Christmas decorations. I never knew one until a year and a half ago when a friend from UK told me how she was amazed how early I put up my Christmas decorations and how I keep it until after the three kings, sometimes even after Valentines. She said in UK it’s bad luck to have decorations that long. Well, good thing I am not in UK! I want my Christmas early! Hah!

I don’t know which countries some of these were practiced but here are some of the superstitions written on that note:

  • Most homes were decorated on Christmas Eve to avoid the anger of capricious forces.
  • No lights were put on before the first star appeared.
  • The tree should be brought into the house not before the 24th December.
  • Trees are decorated only after the children go to bed.
  • In Germany, the last ornament on the tree is a pickle shaped ornament. In the morning, the child who finds the Christmas pickle gets a special present.
  • Traditionally, the doors of the home were thrown open at midnight on Christmas Eve to let the trapped evil spirits out.
  • The Christmas candle was left burning in a window all night to enlighten the path of the good luck for the coming year to the household.
  • The first person to wake up on Christmas would shout into the street ‘Welcome Old Father Christmas’.Sweeping the threshold was thought to clear out trouble for the next year.
  • Male visitors are preferred but red-haired men are thought to bring bad luck.
  • Lucky birds are welcome on Christmas and signify good luck.
  • The first person to visit the household should bring the evergreens or coals with him and gets the privilege to kiss all the women of the house. Men are served with a drink and something to eat while children are given lucky coins.


  1. parking for a while..happy holidays! hope to see u at mine! take care!have a healthy 2009!

  2. Hello!Advance Happy New Year!
    Okay lang yun.Busy talaga mga tao ngayon kasi holiday season.
    God bless..

  3. Hi hon…I’ve missed ya !!!1 I hope you and your daughter have a very merry Christmas and get everything that you want. BTW I LOVED this post very informative as well as fun…
    miss ya–

  4. Merry Christmas to you too my dear. Best of luck this coming New Year!!!

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