Garage Storage Feng Shui Experts Would Simply Adore

Tomorrow will be the Chinese New Year so I am up early today to do a clean-up of our home. I just can’t believe that even if I have thrown and given away half of our stuff clothes, shoes, toys, love seat, there seems to be not enough room in the house to store our stuff.

The huge storage cabinet we have is literally screaming full, it looks like it’s gonna puke all the stuff it has inside. Those huge plastic storage boxes are keep filing up and it’s hard to actually find stuff you need even if you have labels in them, it’s just a task to carry that big storage and stack it back again for a tiny me.

I’ve been canvassing for a functional, user friendly storage that is very organized and pretty at the same time and I think feng shui experts would definitely love the garage storageĀ I found in here. I love the big red ones (red is a great accent and is the color of luck for Chinese) and the diamond plated storage cabinets are very foxy!

Later alligators gotta continue with the house cleaning and get ready to welcome the new year. Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! Have you got your tikoy?

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