A Blog Review About My Blogging I Half-Heartedly Appreciate

Hello friends, stalkers, admirers, followers, avid readers, secret enemies (are there any? I hope none). I just got home from another blog event I will write a post about later. I enjoyed meeting new bloggers too. Yay! new friends!

I was happy to receive a comment telling me my blog was reviewed but I wasn’t able to pay much attention since I was watching American Idol Season 8, I love that show.

First of all I appreciate Mel the effort and the thought of having reviewed my blogs and blogging ability. The thought of someone dedicating a whole blog post to talk about their personal view about my blog/blogging without asking for it is greatly appreciated. However, I protest in some parts of the review although overall it was a “nice” review about me and not Earthlingorgeous.com. My rating for the review: 5 for effort.

I do speak my mind clearly at all my blogs I don’t “mince words” just to be likable by everyone. I am who I am if you don’t like me and my blogging there are millions of blogs out there you can visit and there others out there who likes my blogging. I am proud to say that my blogging makes me happy and I am thankful for all the people and friends and events and the money I made through my blogging.

I am straightforward ever since and some people here in the blogging world know of this trait. those who stayed with me through it all Thank You. I don’t try to please anyone with my blogging, I please myself, that is very clear too. If anyone learned anything from what I write that is great! If not then the world will still revolve.

Mel was doing it as a good will and I am letting off steam. Sorry Mel, I just hate it when people judge me by my looks. Beauty is indeed sometimes a curse but I am thankful for the Lord above for such wonderful gift that only a few can see through. I am grateful for my family, my love and great friends. I can’t push anyone to see beyond my looks, if you see me beautiful, alluring and charming, thank you, but I am more than that and this blog is more than that too. I Thank You!

Here was the review and the italicized text in bold is my comment.

The Uncrowned Beauty Queen of Bloglandia- Earthlingorgeous

Her world revolves around her only daughter – her very own princess (pic of my daughter from this blog)

Not only is she gorgeous but alluring and captivating too (pic of me from my earthlingorgeous overdose)

Her darling princess and only daughter (pic of my daugther from this blog post)

Spacemen will not dare invade this planet if they see this Earthlingorgeous (another pic of me from my earthlingorgeous overdose)

Blog – Earthlingorgeous.com
Writer – Earthlingorgeous
URL – https://www.earthlingorgeous.com/

Other Blogs By The Writer

1. My Happiness Haven
2.Been There! Done That! (This blog is strictly by invitation by the writer only)
3.Unearthed (This blog is strictly by invitation by the writer only)
4. Earthligorgeous Overdose
5. Earth Gambles

Personal Profile – (Quoted verbatim from her own personal profile)- “Enchanting and enchanted, sane and psychiatric (should be psychotic), daring and thoughtful, hopeless romantic and rational. Never picky but critical. Easily thought and stubborn. Always cheerful even when hurt! If you are good to me I am your dream, if you are bad I am your nightmare! I am all extremes. All or nothing!” Her interests are in blogging, photoshop, decorating the house, writing, eating and shopping. Her favorite music is anything that appeals to her mood at the moment.

Technical Features – Earthlingorgeous.com is a technical blog with moving ads that say that its former title- Earthly Exploration is now changed to Earthlingorgeous.com. Together with her other blog- Earthlingorgeous Overdose, Earthlingorgeous.com is a veritable feast for the eyes. She knows her computer and she takes advantage of all techie things she can do with her blog/s. Your attention will be immediately caught whenever you pass by her blog while blog hopping or surfing the net. Template and overall layout are above average than most run of the mill blogs. (Thank you I learned everything on my own and I didn’t study formally on HTML codes templates and stuff)

Ratings For Technical Features – 9

Contents – Contents are mostly articles pertaining to the superstar of the blog (please read this blog some more, Thank you. Although this is indeed a personal blog so it’s my personal view not of anyone elses. I am accountable to this blog as I am the writer of this blog) none other than Earthlingorgeous herself. To those who are puzzled as to the meaning of earthlingorgeous, she would demurely answer that she’s from earth and she’s simply and completely gorgeous. No more further words are needed. She is indeed gorgeous and beautiful, one of the most beautiful faces that adorn bloglandia. Her posts are liberally sprinkled with gorgeous photographs of herself and her beloved daughter on whom her entire world revolves around. She is witty and charming in her post about her alluring beauty and bodily assets and she minced no words to accentuate that fact. She’s straightforward and honest about her feelings and never minced words in letting off steam. She’s a proud and distinguished member of Filipinos Unite!!!. (This was not really a review about Earthlingorgeous.com content but my blog personality. I do exhude confidence to all the people at blogandia, I like making friends, I enjoy being around people, I enjoy enjoying myself around people, blogwise or for real. I think this was a review meant for Earthlingorgeous Overdose my self-worship blog but I do have a disclaimer in there and it states the purpose of the blog very clearly. I do like to post pictures as I am a visual person. Earthlingorgeous.com is where I write about autism and my personal experience about it. It also talk about parenting and relationship, some fun parts of life, as I go through my journey as a 30 y.o. single-mom who PMS’s real bad sometimes. I also do paid post by the way.)

Ratings For Contents – 9

(End of the review)

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  1. @ Pie thanks gurl 🙂 I’ll keep my blogspot so used with the platform saka sayang ang PR.

    @ Jan ahhh I was grrrrr and I really hate when people judge you for your looks good or bad. Too shallow.

    @ Sweetytots 😀 hahaha TY

  2. That’s the most sensible thing I’ve read today – being appreciated for the sum total of your self and not merely for your looks. You’re very forthright indeed.

  3. Hi Earth! Congrats with this new blog!
    Does this mean you are not going to continue your blogspot blogs?

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