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My daughters bias of water was already obvious when she was three months old.  Look how happy she was while taking a bath on her mini tub with Mickey Mouse as her support!

Bath times is one of the most important bonding moments with your child as it builds a childs trust and confidence. See more cute and fun bath times here at Mommy Moments:

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  1. Oh she looks so happy and cute in that baby tub. Thanks for stopping by at mine, have a great week ahead 🙂

  2. sobrang taba naman! three months yata ang best time for photo ops durig bath time e.. natutuwa na kase sila and mejo confident na tayo iwanan sila para maka pag take ng pic.. 🙂

  3. oo tabachingching nga tawag ko sa kanya nung baby eh kasi tabachoy ahahahahaha

  4. ei oo nga kanis dami mga manloloko…..nweis cute nmn ni baby mo here, taba nya anu? ehhehe =)

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