Watch Your Temper This Month

A couple minutes ago I had a nervous breakdown, it was an ugly one. I hyperventilated and screamed to the top of my lungs and now my throat hurts and I barely got a voice.

I had an ugly argument with someone since Friday morning that went on until yesterday where that person psychologically black mailed me about jumping off the 21st floor where that persons flat was located. That threat gave me an extreme chest pain that I barely can breathe. It worried my mom that prompted her to call my brother who came immediately.

This is not a post about the argument but a post about the behavior and why it happened. First, I was frustrated, that person was frustrated. We were both aggressive and so that ignited the huge fight and the emotional drama that led to the breakdown.

However, I noticed that the aggressive behavior seems to be prominent everywhere and not just on my part and so I went searching for answers.

Here is what I found out:
1) Tomorrow (March 10, 2009) will be a full moon and;
2) The general Astrological reading said arguments, fights and dirty deeds are prominent this month:

According to the reading Janet (Sparrow) Moon, a professional psychic and astrologer:

Astrologically, March is going to come in like a lamb and go out like a lion, just the opposite of February. There shouldn’t be any major problems the first 3 weeks of this month, but after the Spring Equinox, there could be some fights, arguments, and dirty deeds. But, the last 3 days should bring some renewed cooperation and energy.”

Back early in February we had a major square, an outer planetary opposition, and an eclipse within the first 9 days of the month. Since that ended, people have been calling me and asking me, “what’s up with the stars? Why am I having so many problems.” Well, I guess, because we haven’t had any major planetary problems (squares), and we haven’t had any major planetary blessings (trines), we just don’t know what to do with our lives. There is nothing pushing us, there is nothing pulling us. And, March is going to be a continuation of that.

We will be ready to act on our ideas on March 1st, but our ideas could become very confused as we approach the end of the week as Mercury and Neptune reverse phases. Venus will be turning retrograde on March 6th, and that will be a very difficult day for those of us with dominate Taurus or Libra in our charts. And, for the rest of us, we will probably find that we are not ready to move forward with love or business this whole month, while Venus continues her backward motion. You can read my article, “Venus Retro – Slowdown in Business and Love,” to find out more.

The weekend of March 6th will probably bring out our addictive behaviors, with Mars and Neptune joining forces. And, the Sun and Saturn will be at a duel, and that could bring problems with authority figures, or we may find we have extra work we don’t want to do.

There could be some extra opportunities floating about during the Full Moon on March 10th and the next few days following. Mercury and Pluto may be encouraging us to express ourselves, and it should be a great time for travel. Venus and Jupiter will be bringing some extra luck and maybe some bargains our way. And, the Sun and Uranus will be joining forces, so be ready for a pleasant surprise, or perhaps a brilliant idea.

The weekend of March 13th could bring a spiritual revival to many souls with the Moon in Scorpio and Mars entering Pisces. Things should be rather uneventful through St. Patrick’s Day. So, go ahead and go out and have some fun, because things may get a bit antsy by the 4th Quarter Moon on March 18th. We may find ourselves compelled to act, but our judgments could be rather poor through the Spring Equinox on March 20th.

We may be feeling rather restless for the weekend of March 20th, and there could be some unexpected bad news, or auto accidents. And, there could be jealousy and fights galore all the way through Monday, March 23rd.

There will be some more jealousy and misunderstandings around the New Moon on March 26th, and use extra caution driving on the 26th and the 27th. But, there will also be some positive energy in the air for the weekend of March 27th, and we should find that month finishes up with lots of social events and travel as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all conjunct in lively Aries.

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  1. naku same tayo, short tempered din ako and a cry baby narin. Huh, kelan kaya magiging stable ang emotions natin?

  2. I am very short tempered I am so emotional highblood runs in the genes. Sorry na lang pag ang nakabanggaan ko eh ung kasing pikon ko rin patay.

  3. I am very short tempered I am so emotional highblood runs in the genes. Sorry na lang pag ang nakabanggaan ko eh ung kasing pikon ko rin patay.

  4. I don’t put much premium on psychic phenomenon and astrology, but to the extent that aggression and anger can stress us to the point of a nervous breakdown, this calls for a reexamination of how we handle conflicts. And escalation of anger is not one of them.

    I should remember what I’m saying now should this happen to me. It’s entirely different when you’re in the heat of the moment. Sometimes it’s hard to step back. We’re hurt after all. Sometimes humiliated. And the instinctive response is to lash back.

    It’s recognizing early the red flags and deal with them outright before it escalates and hurts us all the more.

  5. Yah! we wanna be careful of our temper. It would put us down…Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog too.
    Only when I checked your blog that I knew what had happened to Francis M.
    I remember my niece early last year. She had also leukemia but amazingly God healed her. She’s now okay. Even the doctor won’t believe because she had undergone a lot…and the doctor agreed that it was a MIRACLE!
    You can check here and read the whole story.

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